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5 Accent Pieces for a Trendy Cottage Aesthetic

Discover the cozy, nature-inspired cottagecore trend that is taking the design world by storm. This pastoral style embraces simpler times through natural materials, neutral colors, and charming vintage details for a relaxed, eco-friendly home. Learn cottagecore’s origins and how to incorporate upcycled goods, floral motifs, rattan furniture, light airy palettes, and modern rustic touches to cultivate hygge and tranquility in your own living space. Discover if this anti-minimalist, craft-embracing aesthetic is right for you.

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10 Neutral Color Palettes Dominating 2023

Neutral color palettes are popular in home interior design for 2023. The trend is towards warmer and softer hues, which create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. These colors are ideal for bedrooms. Instead of cooler grays and stark whites, warmer grays, greige (a blend of gray and beige), creamy whites, and shades closer to beige are preferred. These colors have a psychological impact, as they are associated with warmth and comfort.