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Unveiling History: A Timeless Fusion of Past and Present in a Russian Apartment Renovation

The apartment renovation project was carried out in an old building in Russia and was completed in 2023 by Alexandra Helminskaya-Leontieva from SHURARCH. Located in the historical center of Saint-Petersburg, the family apartment offers a stunning view of Griboedov’s Canal. The interior seamlessly blends history with modernity, creating an amazing living space.

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Elevate Your Kitchen: The Allure of High-Grade Countertops

The kitchen is so much more than just a room in a house; it is the heart and soul of the home. It is a place where creativity and innovation come to life, as we explore the art of cooking and create cherished memories gathered around the table. Within this vibrant space, the countertops play a crucial role, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and the efficiency of our culinary adventures.