How Can Pre-Sale Styling and Staging Help Sell Your Home Faster

Real estate neighborhood community homes
Real estate neighborhood community homes

Over the past few years, there has been a significant shift in how homeowners sell their homes. More and more people are opting for pre-sale styling to help sell their homes faster.

Aesthetic value is one of the most important factors when purchasing any property – so wouldn’t you want yours to give off the best first impression possible?

Pre-sale styling can make all the difference between having your home sell in a week or waiting six months to find the perfect buyer. Here are the reasons to hire experts like Novari Collective ( for pre-sale property styling and staging to sell your home faster:

It Increases the Likelihood of a Faster Sale

The speed at which your home gets offers can indicate how much you’re going to get for it. Experts have been known to sell homes in less than a week with pre-sale styling. If you want to compete with other listings on the market, doing this is a must.

You Can Negotiate Better with Prospective Buyers

A home is most attractive when presented to its best advantage, and pre-sale styling is the perfect way to do this. A buyer will be able to envision themselves living in the house immediately, and you won’t have to compete for their attention against other properties that they can see at the same time.

You Can Secure Better Terms with Your Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents sell properties quickly and will be able to convince buyers to agree on terms that you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise, such as a shorter settlement period or closing date. Their negotiation skills combined with pre-sale styling services make staging a formidable force.

You Can Get More for Your Property

Most buyers will make an offer based on how a home looks and not necessarily on its market value. With pre-sale styling, you’re able to add a premium to your asking price and secure the sale faster than if you did it without these services.

It Makes Your House Stand Out

Studies have shown that the homes with the best pre-sale styling sell faster and for more money than those without. Homes that are minimalist or that don’t show off their best features like a yard or pool will be harder to sell, and you will end up having to drop your price lower than you wanted.

Your House Will Be More Attractive to Prospective Buyers

A beautifully presented home is a drawcard for anyone looking around a particular area. By employing pre-sale services, you can leave a lasting impression on people who may have been unsure about whether they should invest in your property. You can drive up interest in your home and make everyone want to put in an offer.

Pre-sale styling services often come with many resources, such as listing agents and real estate agents who will be willing to provide you with potential buyers. If you do it yourself by hosting open houses or having your own open house, this will cost you more in time and effort than if you worked with professionals.

You Can Market Your Property to a Wider Audience

A stylishly decorated home will capture the attention of everyone who walks through it, and you’ll be able to showcase it to buyers who might not have considered looking at properties. Whether you’re selling an apartment or a house, pre-sale styling can grab people’s attention and convince them that living in your property would be a wonderful experience.

There are many reasons to invest in pre-sale styling and staging, so if you want to get the best results from the sale of your home, it’s time to start considering this as a possibility. With good marketing and attention-grabbing decorating that will make a big impression on potential buyers, you can sell your property in record time.

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