5 Pest Control Essentials You Must Follow Every Spring

pest control worker spraying pesticides in cabinet in kitchen
pest control worker spraying pesticides in cabinet in kitchen

A change of seasons requires a fresh look at your strategy against pests to protect your home against them. Pests are less active during the cold weather, but a rise in temperatures gets them out of their hiding spaces. The end of the winter is a daunting time, whether you live in the US or Australia. Expect to face the same set of challenges as pests become active again when days turn warmer and longer. But you can take a proactive approach early in the season to prevent pest and rodent trouble. Here are some pest control essentials to keep your place safe in spring and summer.

Start with spring cleaning

Most homeowners start the season with spring cleaning to beautify their space. But the good thing is that a deep-clean and declutter spree can give you a head start with pest management. Reach the nooks and crannies, clear the useless stuff from the attic, and donate furniture and clothes you do not need. You may end up eliminating pest colonies and hideouts as well.

Invest in outdoor cleaning

Besides cleaning the indoors, invest in outdoor cleaning to get rid of bugs and rodents hidden there. Clear the clutter from the yard, trim the hedges, and clean the deck. Make sure you keep the plants and mulch away from the walls. This way, mice and spiders will not have a place to hide during warm days. Moreover, you have an outdoor space ready for summer barbecues and get-togethers.

Call pest control experts

As a homeowner, you must schedule professional pest control twice a year. Relying on DIY is not the best option because you may end up with an infestation sooner or later. If you live in Sydney, find reliable experts for Pest Control Sydney for regular inspection and timely extermination. Schedule a visit every time the weather changes as a seasonal inspection makes sense. They may also suggest some measures to make your home pest-free for the warmer days ahead.

Treat standing water

After the rain and snow in winters, there are good chances of having standing water around your property. The roof may have puddles, and gutters may be blocked. If you do not address these concerns, you may end up with an infestation during spring and summer. Ensure there are no leakages and puddles as mosquitoes thrive in such areas. Other pests love water too, so keeping it out of reach is a good idea.

Go the extra mile with food storage

As warmer days arrive, you will expect to host parties for your friends and loved ones. It means there will be more food in the kitchen, on the table, and outside in the garden. Expect pests to come looking for leftovers and food packets. Going the extra mile with food storage can help you keep pests away. Clean the cabinets, wipe off the spills, and store leftovers in airtight containers. Dispose of garbage in covered bins only.

A little extra effort with spring pest control can save you from a major infestation down the line. Follow these tips, and do not skimp on professional pest control.

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