What Types of Garage Doors Are Available on the Market Today?

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Did you know that a garage door can take up as much as 30% of a house’s exterior? If you are thinking of upgrading your garage door but are wondering what your options are, you are in the right place. Keep reading to learn what the different types of garage doors are currently out in the market.

  1. Sectional 

This is the most popular type of garage door. It has horizontally hinged sections that are rolled up along the ceiling of the garage. It uses a spring balanced door opener to help open it.

A 3/4 horsepower opener is capable of raising a garage door that weighs as much as 1,000 pounds. Sectional garage doors have a built-in weatherstrip that helps seal out nature elements.

If you are handy, you can use DIY Garage Door Parts to install a sectional door yourself if you want to save money on installation.

  1. Swing Out

With this garage door option, you have two doors that hang from hinges on either side of the opening. Each of the doors has to be at least one foot taller than it is wide and each of the doors also has to be well built.

This option is best for mild climates because, in areas that deal with snow, the snowdrifts can prevent them from opening. Swing out garage doors can be operated manually or with a remote control.

  1. Carriage House 

These types of garage doors are also known as barn style garage doors. Carriage house doors are a great option for those that like a rustic look that stands out. If your current home exterior has a craftsman style or a mission style then this is a great option.

  1. Slide to the Side

This door bends to one side of the garage and sits parallel to the wall. This was one of the first operating styles invented and it was mainly used for garages that had very little headroom.

Slide to the side doors run on lower trolleys that are flexible enough to work with slopes in the ceiling or on the floor. These have a built-in retractable motor to use it automatically instead of a ceiling-mounted operator. You do not need balancing springs with slide to the side garage doors.

  1. Tilt-Up Doors

Tilt-up garage doors do not have any sections, instead, they are one solid piece. They are able to tilt into the garage with a pivoting hinge mechanism. This door sits parallel to the ceiling and it extends past the front of the house whenever the door is open.

Which of These Types of Garage Doors Will You Choose?

Now that you have our list of the most common types of garage doors, which one sounds best for your needs and style? Now you can start shopping around for the perfect door for your home.

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