4 Lux Main Bathroom Designs with Marble Tub

Casa Baretto 5

A luxury design is identical to the use of marble material. This kind of design and material is also perfect to be used for your bathroom. A luxury bathroom design with marble elements will make your bathroom looks amazing and attractive.

If you need more inspiration for your main bathroom, here are 4 lux main bathroom designs with a marble tub.

1. Wood & Marble by Nottdesign

Wood & Marble 9

Designed by Nottdesign, this minimalist apartment has a lux main bathroom design with a marble tub. Wood & Marble combines marble and wood material to create a luxurious and natural bathroom interior. Dim light is also used to complete the luxurious design.

It is an apartment that is divided into two functional zones by a small corridor. Located in Dnipro, Ukraine, this apartment can be one of the best options for people to have a comfortable living place.

Photographer: A. Avdeenko


2. Casa Baretto by Adriano Pupilli Architects

Casa Baretto 5

Designed for a young couple with two dogs, Casa Baretto by Adriano Pupilli Architects has a lux main bathroom design with a marble tub and gold accents, beautified in white. The luxurious style comes from marble hexagonal tiles while the gold accents come from the faucet and towel hanger.

This project is a revitalization of this aging 1980’s apartment located in Australia. The main goal is to create a sense of openness and natural light with a connection to the outdoor terraces too.

Photographer: Simon Whitbread


3. Villa 118 by Denis Rakaev

Villa 118 3

In Villa 118 by Denis Rakaev, the lux main bathroom design with a marble tub is completed by the use of different colors (white, grey, black) and the presence of wood materials. It is a luxurious and simple main bathroom design which is also perfect for an apartment.

It is a modern living place with a contemporary interior and a high wooden ceiling in 150 meter square of the total area.

Photographer: Andrey Avdeenko


4. Light and Blue by Tobi Architects

Light And Blue 1

This minimalist apartment has a lux main bathroom design with a marble tub, complete with a round mirror. The marble is not only used to beautify the tub in the main bathroom in Light and Blue by Tobi Architects but also used to beautify the bathroom’s wall.

It is an apartment that is designed with a minimalist interior with a bright and modern design, offering a comfortable living place with bedrooms, living room, kitchen, laundry room, and also bathrooms.

Photography: Tobi Architects

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