4 Industries that Use Trench Drains and Various Applications

4 Industries That Use Trench Drains And Various Applications 1

Trench drains are one of the most common drainage solutions because they are very effective and they can handle large volumes of water with ease. These trenches can be made in many different sizes as well, which can be very helpful for industrial use as well as residential use. Trench drains need to be protected by the right kind of grates and covers in industrial settings but if they are covered properly, they will hold up to years of use.

Trench drains are affordable to install and if you pick the right trench style, they can handle tough chemical runoff as well as water wastes that include debris of all kinds. Many industries use these kinds of drains because they are easy to maintain as well as being effective for the demands of these settings.

If you are ready to learn more about the industries that use trench drains and their applications, you need to read on!

What Industries Use Trench Drains?

These drains are actually common in many industries. You might not realize that you are walking across this style of drain the next time you are at a grocery store, at the airport, or a shopping mall. They are also commonly used in warehouses and food processing plants. Breweries are another common place where trench drains are needed.

Essentially, any industry or place of business that needs to handle large volumes of water runoff of liquid wastes might have trench drains installed to handle this problem. As a business, you cannot afford to have areas on your property that have standing water due to the risk of slip and fall that could occur. You might also need to avoid potential contamination or health risks related to water that is not draining properly.

While breweries or other food processing plants are more likely to need to deal with large volumes of water in a day, some business locations like restaurants might need to have trench drains installed on their property as well to maintain safety and sanitary conditions.

4 Industries That Use Trench Drains And Various Applications 2

What Are the Applications for Trench Drains?

Trench drains can be used in many different ways since they are easy to install and easy to cover with the right grates for unique locations. This means that you can install trench drains wherever they are needed. There is no shortage of locations and purposes that a trench drain is perfect for and you might even use trench drains in your yard or near your home to handle your drainage needs.

Common applications for trench drains are:

· Roadways

Parking lots, walkways, and roads can experience standing water when they do not have the right drainage in place. Trench drains can help with water issues in any kind of location that experiences foot or vehicle traffic and there are various drain covers and grates that are strong enough to handle these challenges that can be placed over them. For walkways, ADA compliant heel-proof drain covers are common while stainless steel slotted overs are more common for roadways or parking lot use.

· Factory Work Spaces

Some kinds of factories will always experience water runoff when processing materials and you might operate a business where cleaning and sanitation need to be done with water. Floor drains can be installed in these areas that lead to trench drains. This makes clean-up easy and allows for a safe walking surface for employees going about their daily tasks. Trench drains are a great solution in these locations because they are easy to clean and this prevents problems with the contamination that could occur with less accessible drains.

· Breweries

Breweries often have to drain off large volumes of water during processing and this water can be laden with chemicals and organic compounds that cannot be mixed into the general runoff that is flowing out of the building each day.

The trench drain style is perfect for this kind of environment and the water runoff that is generated is usually directed into holding basins of tanks to be dealt with properly to prevent groundwater contamination. Breweries often need large trench drains to deal with their processing demands but these drains need access to clean out hops and other debris that might pile up after a day of water being drained off the floors.

· Commercial Use

Malls, large parking lots, and other commercial areas will almost always need trench drain solutions to help handle a heavy rain or other kinds of moisture. These drains can be installed almost anywhere and might be responsible for directing water runoff away from walkways or they might be used to collect water near a fountain or other water feature that is inside the commercial area. Commercial spaces that are near oceans and lakes also use these drainage solutions to make sure that there is no water runoff pooling at the foundations of buildings and other permanent structures in the area.

4 Industries That Use Trench Drains And Various Applications 3

· Near Pools or Fountains

If you have a swimming pool or there is a fountain at your business, you will probably need to install trench drains to take care of standing water in this area. Pools and fountains can create hazardous slip and fall areas without the right drainage near them. This kind of drain will keep the pool deck or walkways near your fountain clear of water and safe for foot traffic.

Trench Drains Are Versatile and Effective

4 Industries That Use Trench Drains And Various Applications 4

Trench drains are one of the most versatile drain styles and they are easy to install and maintain. For locations like factories where daily cleanup processes often necessitate accessing the drains to clean up, a trench drain is the right style of the drain. It is easy to cover these drains with unique cover styles to suit the demands of the area that the drain has been placed, which is another big benefit to this choice.

Trench drains are made to handle the toughest jobs with ease and they can be constructed of stainless steel, or other metals if the drainage water that they need to handle is caustic or if the installation location has to handle a lot of traffic from vehicles each day. This is a drain style that can be customized to fit your needs and that will hold up to lots of daily use for years to come.

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