A Guide to Starting a Landscaping Business

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Starting a landscaping business can be a great option for anyone who wants to be their own boss and loves being outdoors. Instead of being stuck behind a computer screen and a desk all day, a landscaping business can offer a variety of interesting activities, as well as the chance to be in a new environment every day. If you enjoy working outside and are considering the option of taking the next step, read on for some useful pointers that will help you get started.

Decide who your customers will be

Landscaping businesses can work with a variety of clients, including residential customers and corporate businesses. The two areas can often cover very different jobs. Residential customers may be more likely to need smaller jobs that may be easier to carry out on their own, while corporate clients may have larger spaces and complex tasks that can require a small team.

Of course, there can often be an overlap between the two, and many established landscaping businesses will, in time, evolve to meet both markets, depending on their goals and location. However, knowing who your customers are as you start to plan your business can help you work out what areas you may need to invest time and resources in, such as finding the right trade hot tub suppliers.

Understand the impact of the seasons

As you might guess, a big part of working as a landscaper means spending a lot of time outside in the elements, and for many of us, that means being subjected to the changing climate across the seasons every year. As well as bringing different levels of comfort the seasons can also impact the kind of work you may expect to do across the year.

This can be helpful to understand, as you may often find that you have more work in one season than the other, depending on your areas of expertise. Many landscapers find that they are busiest in the spring and summer when plants are in bloom and need extensive maintenance work and care, while the winter months are best for planting and can consequently often be much quieter for trade.

Calculate your investment and projected profits

Finally, as with any business, you should have a good grasp of the numbers involved before you start it. Working out how much you may need to invest in getting the business running and understanding what kind of tools, equipment, and specialist items you may need to carry out services will help you prepare financially.

It is also helpful to look at how much you can expect to earn overtime. While this may not be much in the first few months or year, knowing that you have a goal to work towards at the end of each financial year can motivate and inspire you to work hard and push through any difficult challenges you might face. It can also help you stay on track and within budget.

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