5 Interior Design Ideas that Maximize Your Basement Space

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When you have a basement, there are many things that you can do to maximize its space. You can use it as an additional bedroom, an entertaining room, or even a family room to gather. Just make sure you know what you need.

We have gathered 5 interior design ideas that can maximize your basement space and make it more useful. Check them out.


1. Nonhyeon 101-1 by Stocker Lee Architetti

Nonhyeon 101 1 6

It is an office and apartment building that has a concrete basement. Nonhyeon 101-1 by Stocker Lee Architetti has an awesome interior design idea by the use of concrete material. Besides creating an industrial look, this material also can highlight the interior of the basement.

Photographer: Simone Bossi


2. Las Golondrinas by Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados

Las Golondrinas 10

In order to maximize your basement, you can transform it into a bedroom. The basement space in Las Golondrinas by Pérez Palacios Arquitectos Asociados is about creating a bedroom filled with bunk beds. The wooden bunk beds and wooden floor can create a balanced look to this space.

Photographer: Rafael Gamo


3. Villa Wood by NORD Architects

Villa Wood 4

In Villa Wood, there is a high basement that is designed with sustainable massive wood elements. It is a private house where its basement can provide good air circulation due to its high structure. The massive wood can bring a warm atmosphere into the house.

Photography: NORD Architects


4. Carriage House by 1100 Architect

Carriage House 3

In this contemporary house, the basement space is maximized by using it as a place for a wine cellar, a bar, and also a theater. The interior design idea for this kind of basement in Carriage House can be done by filling the space with comfortable furniture.

Photography: 1100 Architect


5. House in Hishinumakaigan by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio

House In Hishinumakaigan 3

In House in Hishinumakaigan, the interior design idea to maximize its basement space is about transforming the space into a bedroom. Wood materials dominate the interior of this basement, used to design the wall, floor, and bed.

Photography: Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio

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