Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home

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Houses occupy a unique space in our lives. They shelter us and allow us to express ourselves through different forms of decoration. However, it is straightforward to subject our house to clutter, which can become a massive hassle. Not only does it make it hard to walk around the house, but it can become a significant source of embarrassment.

According to research, 60% of people shut their doors so that guests won’t see clutter in their house. It can also have psychological effects, such as submerge you into a deep state of restlessness and anxiety. Therefore, it is essential you keep your house neat and to reap numerous benefits. Such as less to clean, organizing, and more energy to spend on your hobbies or leisure activities.

Who says you can’t make the process fun? There are many creative ways you can declutter a house. Here’s how you can manage your space:

1. Build Your Momentum

When you start the process, you may feel the need to tackle everything at once. You will end up tired and may not accomplish much. You should do the declutter process in intervals. On the first day, try and finish your work in 5 minutes.

It means you should tackle a small pile of items, such as going through all the magazines you have. The next day extend your time to 10 minutes. You may want to pace yourself and steadily tackle all the messes you have. If you immediately dive into large projects, you may feel tempted to procrastinate and cause more chaos.

2. Shift Items to Storage

Not every item you own needs to be in your house. That is because you may have items that are not usable at the moment, such as winter clothes in the middle of summer. A storage unit is a practical investment in these situations. These spaces are safe and can house a large number of your items. You can even monitor your storage space and make virtual payments.

A storage unit is instrumental for decluttering your house. It also removes the hassle of security. You can’t throw every item into the basement and pull them out when you need them. Adequately stored items also last longer since you keep them safe from seasonal changes and dust.

3. Consider Donation

If you haven’t worn an item in a long time, you should consider donating them. Not every object at home should go in the trash. You can always donate things such as paintings, clothes, shoes, and toys. First, you need to gauge if the item is reusable. If the product has discolored, has obvious signs of wear and tear in places, you should throw it.

On the other hand, if the item at hand is in good condition and you haven’t worn it in a year. Chances are, you may not continue to use it even if you choose to keep it. So might as well create a donation pile and donate your products. You can even make the process a challenge for yourself. Locate about five items to throw, five items to donate, and five items for storage.

4. Take A Before and After Picture

Sometimes we lose sight of the big picture. It can happen when you are in the process of decluttering. You may feel like you haven’t made substantial progress and feel anxious to finish quickly. Take pictures of your projects before you start the work and photographs midway through the job. If at any point you feel demotivated, you can always visit these pictures. It also encourages you to do more since a clean space always aesthetically appeals to your senses.

5. Ask a Friend for Help

There is so much you can achieve through divide and conquer. You can make the process easier and more fun. A friend can help you decide whether you should keep an item or not. They can even drive your boxes to the local donation or help you take out the trash. You may also enjoy companionship. You can share memories and laugh at the items you find. It would make the process fun, and you’d look forward to the next declutter session.

6. Visit Your Pantry

Declutter is also an excellent time to add labels and get rid of unwanted products. Invest into clear containers and assign a cabinet to each of your groceries. You can add a personal touch and make your labels. You can use markers to create colorful stickers or use a laptop and print your labels. You should discard products you haven’t used in a while.

Keep items you know you frequently use and maintain a list. You can motivate yourself further with more pictures. However, make sure these pictures end up on your social media such as Pinterest and Instagram. The likes and shares would encourage you to add more personal touches throughout your house.

7. Make a Music Playlist

Music can influence our moods. You can manipulate the beat and the tempo to get yourself in the groove. If you plan on a major declutter project, make yourself a playlist. You can also choose to buy Bluetooth headphones which would make it easier for you to move around. Music can also make mundane tasks more fun. Throw in a dance number or two, and before you know it, you did most of the work.

8. Get Rid Of Extra Items

You may have more than one of the same products. It would make sense if you have groceries in bulk, but what purpose does extra appliances or furniture serve? Go for more miniature furniture instead of bigger ones. If you inherited a family home, consider selling older furniture. You can even invest in beds that have slider drawers and shelves with cabinets.

Through this, you’ll make more room around your house. The limited storage space within your home will help you pick what is essential and discard it. When you get rid of extra furniture, you can choose to make new additions too. Such as adding paintings on empty walls.

Wrap Up

When you declutter your space, it elevates your mood and makes your house more comfortable. You should try an annual declutter process. Build at a gradual momentum, so you don’t burn out before you start. Shift items into a storage unit for safe keep. You can also donate items that you’ve hung onto for far too long.


Sometimes it’s good to ask for help, and your friends can be a great source of teamwork. Your kitchen also needs just as much cleaning up as the rest of the house.

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