Why You Should Consider Property Investment in Costa Rica

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According to the Global Property Guide, Costa Rica boasts one of the most thriving housing markets in Latin America. This is attributed to the country’s booming tourism business, which on average has attracted millions of visitors across the world every year since 2010.

The country is also famed for its easy living, great hospitality, and the perfect warmth for vacationing. All these come at a much lower cost compared to other parts of Latin America. Costa Rica is also a great retirement destination with lots of investment opportunities to pursue. More so, it’s an attractive place to pursue real estate investment.

Investing in Costa Rica Property Homes

Whether you’re visiting Costa Rica as a tourist or on a business engagement, you’ll always find something new and enchanting. This is, of course, along with the country’s laid-back lifestyle and a welcoming ambiance typical of Latin America.

And with lots of property available for sale, perhaps investing in one of the costa rica homes for sale can be one step towards enjoying one of Costa Rica’s best offerings. One guarantee is that there’ll always be someone looking for a property for rent, or better yet, you’ll have the liberty to experience life in Latin America at your comfort. Here is a look into more reasons why you should consider property investment in Costa Rica.

1.    Great International Access

Unlike other parts of Latin America that are pretty detached from the world, Costa Rica is easily accessible from all over the world. Juan Santamaria and the Daniel Oduber Liberia Airport make it quite easy to get in and out of the country.

If you want to access the country from the capital of San Jose, then Juan Santamaria Airport will be the perfect entry point. The Daniel Oduber Liberia Airport, on the other hand, is only 30 minutes from the famous Pacific beaches that receive vacationers all year round.

These Airports have regular traffic and began processing regularly scheduled overseas flights as early as 2002. For example, the country has close to 30 airlines that fly to Liberia alone. As a property investor, you can count on this wide international access to allow vacationers who’ll be seeking to rent your property for holidays.

2.    The Country Is Open for Investment Even From Non-Residents

Residency status has never been a requirement for purchasing a home or investing in any real estate business in Costa Rica. Once you are allowed access to the country, the 90-day visa, which the migratory body will hand you, allows you to transact in any business.

Stipulations could only come into effect after the lapse of the 90-day visa. However, you can still travel outside the country and come back to continue with your business. Buying a home in Costa Rica also gives you an advantage when applying for permanent residence in the country. The Government’s decision to allow foreigners in on easy terms means you’ll have all the time to execute your plans.

3.    There are Guaranteed Returns on Your Property All Year Round

The constant availability of tourists and vacationers in Costa Rica should serve as enough reason why you need to invest in a holiday home. While there are peak times where the number of visitors is much higher, there is never a time when travelers stop coming to Costa Rica for holidaying.

If you invest in a coastal home, you can be sure of good returns, particularly during the summer season where many visitors fly in. The Northern regions notorious for little rainfall and long dry spells also have a guaranteed flow of visitors, especially in the popular beach towns.

4.    Costa Rican Property Has an Ever-Increasing Value

Among all the Latin American regions, Costa Rica ranks high as a top investment hub with unlimited opportunities for capital gain. Over the last few years alone, the amount of attention this region has aroused interest in many other property buyers and vacationers. Hardly will a property lose its original value in Costa Rica.

The increase in the capital gain of the geographical area alone is among the key investment drivers that guarantee a significant return on investment. There’s no doubt achieving greater profitability is a guarantee no matter how long you want to invest in a given property. Property tax in Costa Rica is also unbelievably low, with the average property tax standing at ¼ of 1% of the property’s assessed value.

5.    The Country Has Unlimited Property Investment Opportunities.

As Latin America’s leading holiday destination, you’ll never run short of an area to invest in while in Costa Rica. Vacation homes and rental houses are among the hottest properties readily available and easy to pursue.

Besides homes and other residential properties, there are numerous options to consider for investment in Costa Rica. Many tourists and visitors travelling into the country also mean investing in restaurants or high-end hotels will yield you a significant return on investment. We also have various land buying options for investors who prefer building their homes from scratch.

6.    Investing in Costa Rica has Low Risks but With Bigger Gains.

Costa Rica is an already established market in the real estate sector. Government involvement is also playing a huge role in ensuring this remains the same. And given property prices are pretty good for any investor, you can count on good gains in Costa Rica compared to other places in Latin America.

Investors who started owning property a few years ago can recount how they experienced the changing fortunes of this property market. This is in terms of pricing and the amount of support they’ve received through low taxations and other incentives. Perhaps this is why Costa Rica is firmly on the world map as a top destination for real estate development.

Bottom Line

Costa Rica is an attractive country that has everything to offer. And the more time you spend there, the more you want to settle in permanently. Perhaps buying one of the few available homes on sale can be the right investment decision that’ll have a bigger impact on your life.

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