5 Unique Ways To Make Your Plain Walls Less Boring

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Designing your home might sound easy and fun, but there are plenty of things you should consider. While having plain walls might give you a minimalist look, it might make your home look boring and unappealing, not allowing you to be happy with your room.

With a plain wall, you want it to be engaging and well-crafted as much as possible. While having a blank wall can give your home an illusion of having a spacious and wide room, adding design and accessories such as framed art will help improve its appearance.

Moreover, listed below are the unique ways to make your plain walls less boring:

  1. Add Frames

Frames will give your room an added character without having to go extra with what you put on your walls. You can use your family photos or an artist’s portrait to support their work. Additionally, it’ll also help give your room a creative accent, making it unique and appealing.

As you add framed wall art to your walls, ensure that you purchase ones within the appropriate size. If you plan only to use frames as your main decals, going for the right size will help emphasize its beauty and appearance. As you create the perfect balance, ensure that the artwork will flow beautifully to the entire room, complementing your interior design.

  1. Consider Making A Mural

If you’re confident with your painting skills, you might want to consider turning your plain wall into a brand-new canvas. This will help you have a unique room while also exhausting your creative skills, making you proud of your work. 

As you build a mural, there are plenty of design options you can choose from. You can either go for a beach, forest, and cloudy theme or even go for a unique art style that’ll surely stand out as you enter the room.

When painting your walls, ensure that you allow for proper ventilation and protect your furniture to prevent any damages. Moreover, it’d be great if you only paint one side of the wall to avoid the area looking too busy, not allowing people to savor every piece of your hard work.

  1. Make Your Wall Interactive

Apart from adding framed art to your wall, you should consider making your wall interactive by placing a wide chalk or acrylic board, allowing you to change the text or sketches whenever you want. In this way, you don’t limit your wall with a single design as you can customize it exactly how you want it to be. Moreover, you can also allow the space to express your thoughts or leave a message to your family members before you head outside. 

If you’d like to go with a classic or café-style look, going for a chalkboard would be a great idea. However, this might not be the best option, especially if you’re living with allergy sufferers or those who have trouble with their respiratory as chalk dust can trigger health concerns. For a modern and healthier option, going for an acrylic board would always be a great idea. You can choose to use plain glass or build a beautiful border and allow it to be a great piece on your walls.

  1. Add Accent Wall Decorations

If you think that going for frames might be too traditional for you, there are plenty of wall decorations you can choose from. While some decors can help the room be more attractive, other designs can be functional as well.

For a functional piece, you should consider adding a decorative wall clock or mirror, allowing you to use them daily. However, if you’d like your wall decoration to beautify your home mainly, you should consider looking for designs that could help emphasize your home’s exterior. For a nautical look, adding paddles, seashells, or lifebuoy will help emphasize the look. If you have a bohemian theme, adding a macrame wall decor would surely hit the spot.  

  1. Add Hanging Shelves

You can customize what you add to your wall without giving a permanent hole by adding hanging shelves. In this way, you can change what you add to the shelves and allow it to go with your theme.

As you add hanging shelves, all you need to do is drill each plank carefully and place any decorations you like. It could be a small indoor plant, a framed photo, or any decoration that you find interesting. As you go with hanging shelves, you can give your room an added depth along with additional storage space.


There are plenty of ways to transform your plain walls into something decorative and fun. As you experiment with which design option would work best for you, ensure that it perfectly matches your interior. In this way, you can allow for a seamless look, making your room creative and attractive.

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