7 top Decor Tips for Girl Rooms

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Your room is not just another living area–it is a sacred space where you will be spending a lot of time. So, it is only fair that the area must accurately reflect the person in you and this is done by decorating the room according to your interests. The decor can change the entire ambiance of the room, so redecorating has to be planned and carried out carefully. Now that renting apartments or PG in Baner Pune has become easier using Nestaway, the decor has become the more challenging part while moving to a new home.


Here, let’s look at a few decor tips which will make the room more feminine:

Decals and Stencils

Repainting an entire room is not only time-consuming but also expensive, However, finding an Apartment for rent in Baner Pune isn’t, as a quick search online on nestaway can save a lot of time.  Moreover, you will also be required to move out of the room and relocate all the stuff in the room. Instead of repainting the room, use decals or stencils. Decals or stencils and paint will enable you to transform every plain wall into something more personalized depending on the pattern or design you paint on it. Stencils and paint are the best options for textured ceilings.

Use offbeat, softer colors

You have to select the color of your room according to the furniture color so that they fit in well. Soft colors work well to make the room appear more feminine–apart from the common pink, teal also works well. Choosing a complementary color for the furniture will make your room look more sophisticated and balanced.

A net of ribbons

Displaying your favorite art and photos can be a real problem since it has to be done without causing permanent damage to the walls. An awesome way to solve this problem and add some funk to the room is to put up a net of ribbons. This makes the wall look great and also gives you the flexibility to easily switch out photos and artwork according to your mood.

Design with activity

Before the (re)decorating starts, divide the available space into areas for various functions. This will help you plan the layout better and change the design accordingly. You can designate areas for lounging, sleeping, and studying within the room and segregate the appropriate furniture into these areas.


If you are looking for youthful feminine decor in your room, contrast works well to make the room feel cozier. To add to the funk factor, you can use heavily contrasting colors in shades along with light bed sheets and light-colored furniture.

Shades of grey

Grey is not usually used in decor as it is widely regarded as a drab color to use in a room. However, with just the right color to complement the grey, it is far from monotonous. Bold colors like purple or magenta work well to create a sharp contrast with grey and make the room chic and trendy. You can also paint the furniture grey. This adds to the neutrality in the room and can perfectly complement bold artwork or stenciling done in the room.

Nestaway has a large number of listings, including apartments and houses for rent in Baner, Pune. Find a house and start redecorating, which is not particularly hard. What matters is that you construct a clear idea and budget in your head and then, proceed to the actual process of decorating.

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