5 Questions to Ask When Creating a Home Office

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If you work from home, you know it is hard to feel organized and efficient. A separate office space or work area can help focus your attention. Create a dedicated workspace in your house or apartment perfect for staying creative, motivated, and calm during your demanding workdays.

When designing your workspace, there are several things you will want to consider for the most work-efficient space in your home. Here are five questions that will help you build a practical home office with plenty of personalities:

How Does Your Home Office Incorporate Your Style?

Your home office should flow with the style of your home, but it can also stand out as the perfect place to be productive. Many design experts will tell you that bright office colors are better at boosting creativity, energy levels, and mood than drab neutrals. Include motivational artwork and desk décor to pull together the space and make it an inspiring environment.

One of the most important parts of your office to design will be a background for virtual meetings. A clutter-free area with great lighting and a fast internet connection is best for meeting with clients, collaboration teams, employers, and more.

Are You Including Convenient Storage Solutions?

A cluttered space will make it harder to focus. Efficient and convenient storage will help keep your office tidy and organized. Consider stylish options for keeping your paperwork, hardware, spare cords, and other miscellaneous office supplies out of sight.

When everything has a “home” within your office, it is much easier to put things away quickly. You will feel less distracted and more in control when your space looks put together.

Does Your Office Lighting Improve Productivity?

Keep the lighting bright and natural to improve your energy level throughout the day. The window light is great during the day. But if you are working when the sun isn’t up or using an interior office with no natural lighting, bright overhead lights are a must. Natural daylight LED bulbs with high wattage can offer the most clairvoyance without the harshness of fluorescent or warmth of tungsten.

Will You be Comfortable Working for Hours?

Choose an ergonomic chair and keyboard to make sure you stay as comfortable as possible while at your home desk. A comfortable office makes it easier to keep work separate and shut the door at the end of the day for a better work-life balance.

Some remote employees don’t realize that their home office equipment is not the same quality as what they were used to in the office. A desk chair built to support your back and a keyboard designed to protect your wrists are the first two quality pieces of equipment you should invest in.

What Internet Speed Do You Need?

A productive work from home setup means having a strong internet connection. Lots of homeowners wonder, “What is a good internet speed?” Setting up a home office will likely make you ask more specifically, “What speed do I need for Zoom?”

The smoothest setup for remote work requires a download speed of 10-25 Mbps to handle Zoom with ease. The best internet speed for the home office will also include uploading speeds of at least 3 Mbps for when you need to share larger files with coworkers or clients.

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