Home Security: How to Avoid Compromising The Aesthetics?

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Purchasing a house alone is very challenging. And on top of that, if you have to compromise the aesthetics for security concerns, it might crush your dreams.

Unlike the popular beliefs that installing security solutions results in a poorly designed home, things are exactly the opposite. A secure home doesn’t necessarily have to be aesthetically unappealing.

All you need is to play smart, and you can save yourself from the wrath of those protruding and ugly-looking barbed wires. So, if you are starting from scratch, you should include a security system as part of the design.

Otherwise, you can use the following tips to improve the security of your home without compromising the aesthetics.

Wireless Security Solutions Are Trending

How can anyone forget those dramas where burglars overpower the security solutions with a single snip? They know all the right wires to make a security system useless.

Further, they are sore to the eyes. Fortunately, we are living in the age of technology. Everything is wireless, starting from the internet, adaptors, to headphones. The same goes for security solutions as well.

You can go for wireless options without worrying about the interiors of your home.

Camouflage Security Solutions

Ignoring the need for security is not a smart decision. But you can be a little creative and innovative to hide the security camera in plain sight.

While it does not mean it will hide entirely. But your security cameras will never remain the point of focus. Further, you can find some amazing protection solutions that don’t clash with the décor of the house.

For instance, you can hide your security camera trees or bushes, behind glass windows. Or you can use everyday objects to hide your cameras, such as bookshelves, smoke detectors, tissue boxes, fake rocks, and many more.

Other Benefits of Hiding Security Camera

Remember, not everyone is lucky enough to live in a gated society where AT&I Systems install security solutions for the safety of residents. Plus, besides the aesthetic appeal, hiding security cameras have other benefits as well.

  • Burglars can not easily spot it. So, the risk of losing anything valuable minimizes as burglars can’t disable it.
  • Wireless solutions never interfere with aesthetics, so your guests will be much more comfortable.
  • Hidden cameras are a more effective measure to check the day-to-day activities if you have children at home.

Tips to Remember

Many times consumers buy security cameras that are meant for commercial purposes. You can check all the necessary requirements before purchasing anything.

For instance, consumer-grade cameras usually have 8 to 16 cameras with an option of a video recorder. Plus, they are less expensive as compared to commercial-grade security cameras.


Although the number of violent crimes, including burglary, is decreasing every year, one can never ignore the importance of security solutions. After all, who will want to look at smashed doors or windows, missing valuables?

Isn’t it?

With technology advancing every year, installing a security system that’s pleasing to the eyes is not at all challenging. All you need to consider is the interiors of your home and decide accordingly!

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