6 Steps to Take After Water Damage to Your Property

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Water damage to property isn’t unheard of. There are many causes of water damage like leaky pipelines, seepage, drain blockage, or something more severe. Water tends to cause severe damage quicker to paint and property, which is why you’ll need to be prompt in your actions if you want to reduce costly repairs.

Following are the steps you should take if your property is a victim of water damage.

  1. Shut down the electricity

First things first, shut off the electricity entirely from the mains and unplug all electrical appliances as soon as you can to be safe from getting shocked, burnt, or electrocuted from wet cables. You can’t take any chances of water getting in contact with electrical appliances, wires, and ports.

The next course of action would be to call in a professional to assess and help restore the damages you’ve faced. You can learn moreabout the after-effects of water damage on your property and the steps you could take to minimize those damages.

  1. Stop the water source 

Your second priority should be to secure the place by stopping more water from damaging your property. The longer you leave the water running, the more damage it’ll do to your property. If the source is a faucet, turn it off or have it blocked altogether. If it’s a leaky pipe, turning off your home’s primary water supply source would help, then call for a plumber immediately and try to seal the line.

If possible, you can also try minimizing the damage by cleaning the area and drying it as much as you can. If you have wooden flooring, drywall, carpets, etc., they’ll require the services of a professional.

  1. Call a restoration company for water damage 

If you delay the process of restoration long, the amount of work and damage will only increase. The longer the water stays inside your property, the more damage it does. It is better to call a restoration company to repair and restore your property as soon as possible.

  1. Call your insurance company 

The insurance for water damage varies according to the policies set by the company. But generally, when you report water damage to an insurance company, they send someone to inspect and assess the damage.

That person then decides if the insurance company can cover the water damage loss or not. But to increase your chances of claiming your insurance, document the damages before you start the cleaning and restoration process.

Take as many pictures as needed before, during, and after the cleaning process. This will help the adjuster who assesses the situation understand the damage extent.

  1. Remove light and movable items from the area 

If possible, remove any light furniture and belongings from the area with water damage to a dry place. It makes the job easier for the technicians, and they can deal with heavier items and water damage with ease.

But if you feel the items are too heavy for you to handle alone, let them be and get the professionals to deal with them. Remember that being reckless while moving items can cause you to slip and be injured.

  1. Clean and restore your property 

It takes a few days to deal with the aftermath of a water damage incident completely. That is why it is a good idea to acquire the services of a professional restoration and repair service provider in the first place.

While you’re waiting for the professionals to arrive, try to salvage whatever items you can and discard those you don’t need. Try assisting others in eliminating carpets, drywall, and insulation so that they take the necessary measures to prevent mold.

Finally, check whether or not your appliances are still functional. If you can have them repaired, you’re lucky.


While it is best to take preventative measures against water damage, sometimes such incidents are unavoidable. Keep in mind that delays result in severe damage to your property and health when you decide to restore it. Hence, the best course of action would be to summon a professional service to assess the damage and seek compensation if you are insured.

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