How To Reduce Background Noise for At-Home Call Center Work

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Now that most people are working remotely, creating a quiet work environment is best in order to ensure productivity. If you’re working from home, hearing external or even internal background noise can be distracting, and these distractions will make it difficult for you to accomplish your tasks. If you’re employed at a call center and work from home, providing the best customer service may be challenging with background noise disrupting the customer experience. Here’s how you can reduce background noise for at-home call center work.

Cover Hard Surfaces with Rugs


When it comes to background noise, hard surfaces in a room tend to increase noise levels. It’s important that you don’t have any issues with inbound or outbound calls when you’re an agent at a virtual call center using contact center software from Bright Pattern. Part of delivering the best customer experience is the ability to provide undivided attention to the customer. As a call center agent, you’ll also want to ensure that you are providing them with the best possible solutions. In order to guarantee agent productivity and eliminate any background noise, covering hard surfaces with shag rugs or Persian-style carpets are a great way to dampen additional noise.

Make Sure Your Appliances Are Operating Efficiently to Reduce Excess Noise

Have you been noticing excess noise coming from your air conditioner? That could potentially mean that it’s been overworking itself to function. When was the last time you had your HVAC system serviced? If you’re looking for air conditioner repair Melbourne, FL, you’ll want to check out Cool Rays AC. You can get preventive maintenance and AC service for a reasonable price. The company is known for excellent customer service in Melbourne FL. Their HVAC technicians are knowledgeable and are able to meet any of your specific needs regarding repair services in order to reduce noise in your home.

Use Furniture to Insulate Sound

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Not only do rugs absorb noise, but furniture does a great job of this, too. Add chairs and couches to your workspace to reduce background noise. You can also include bookshelves, books, and other home decor items to insulate sound. When you add a couch or chairs to your space, make sure to opt for furniture models that are plush and have a lot of cushioning. The same goes for your desk chair, if possible. A fully-stuffed sofa or a chair with a thick cushion can make all the difference.

Divide Large Spaces into Smaller Nooks

When you have a large open space, it’s a lot easier for loud sounds to travel. But when you create smaller nooks and divide up the room, it helps to deflect and refract noise. Perhaps you might use a large shelf to divide up the room or use a room divider. You can even use plants to purify the air and help you separate the space into sections. Another great option would be to add a flex wall. This is a temporary wall that can easily be moved around, installed, and reconfigured any way you need it to be. Sometimes, all you really need is a good pressurized wall to help a room block out any background noise.

If you’re working from home as a virtual call center agent, you’ll want to minimize as much background noise as possible. That way, you can focus on your transaction with the customer and they won’t be distracted by any external noise while speaking to you. Undivided attention and professionalism are essential to the customer service experience. Utilizing rugs and large furniture is a budget-friendly way to reduce sound. It also helps to maintain your appliances and divide your space with dividers or flexible walls.

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