Signs that You Have Severe Mold Problems in Your Baton Rouge Home

Baton Rouge Home

The climatic conditions of Baton Rouge, LA, are ideal for mold growth. With high humidity levels of 70% and an average annual temperature of 26° C, Baton Rouge has a humid subtropical climate.

Mold growth is prominent in hot, humid areas, and homeowners may take precautions to prevent mold problems in Baton Rouge, LA. Not only does mold growth negatively impact the aesthetics of your home, but it can also cause severe health hazards to the residents of a house.

Who is Susceptible to Mold Allergies?

Issues from mold exposure are most common among people who are specifically allergic to mold. The presence of mold may not trigger any reactions in some people who are immune to it. Newborns, children, seniors, and adults with a suppressed immune system could suffer severe health issues from mold exposure.

Black, White, or Grey Spots on Surfaces

If you detect colored patches on your walls, ceiling, corners, or other surfaces, it could be a clear indication of mold growth. Mold infestations may look like stains, patches, or evident spores. If the mold is visible, it may mean that the infestation is significant. You may need the services of an expert house restoration service or cleaning service to get rid of the mold. Washing off the patches with soap and water will not do the trick.

You may also want to look in narrow spaces like the wall behind refrigerators, ventilation ducts, space between tiles, space behind cupboards and shelves, and space underneath the sink.

Musty Odor

Mold gives off a damp, musty odor. If you sense a slight variation in the natural odor of your interiors, you may want to contact a home restoration service to help detect mold problems in Baton Rouge, LA. Baton Rouge, LA, has an average precipitation level of 1540.0 mm and an average monthly rainfall of 134 mm.

Mold growth is a common problem in Baton Rouge, LA, homes. The smell may not always be evident unless there is excessive mold growth. Some mold species may not generate any smells.

Health Issues

Mold can trigger several health issues that may be as mild as coughs and headaches and as dangerous as cognitive issues that impact the brain. Headaches are the most common health issues that arise from mold exposure. You may also experience symptoms like a running nose, cold, nose bleeds, or even unexplained mood swings.

If you or another house member has been suffering from any of these symptoms, you may want to check for mold in your house. Studies show that it takes less than 48 hours for mold to start reproducing in the presence of moisture.

People who live in mold-infested homes also suffer from respiratory problems. If you or another member has difficulty breathing, consult a doctor at the earliest to identify if the cause of the issue is mold.

Sogginess or Softness in Your Surfaces

Mold grows best in moist areas. If you notice patches of moisture or damp patches on your walls or floors, you may want to verify if there is mold growth in the area. Surfaces that are soft and soggy with moisture become the ideal ecosystem for mold to grow.

Spaces between the wall and wallpaper and other similar spots may house mold, mildew, or other fungi. Pay critical attention to areas where the wallpaper of paint is peeling off because of moisture.

Contact an Expert

Baton Rouge lies near the Mississippi river banks and is located along the river’s coastal plains. Places like Baton Rouge that are located near water bodies witness problems concerning mold growth. There are over 85,263 households in Baton Rouge, LA. If you own a house in this city, it is vital to watch out for signs of mold in your home.

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