Colorful Designs: 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Rug for Your Interior

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Details make or break a room. Look to the rug in any room to see how true this statement is. The right rug pulls the entire room together. Choose a rug that is too small and it makes the entire area feel uncomfortable to anyone who enters. The wrong color can lead to disaster as well. Fortunately, men and women find they can choose the perfect rug for any room in the home with these five tips.


Always start by determining the correct rug size for the room. Look for a rug that frames the furniture while fitting the size of the seating area. All furniture in a living room should sit on the rug. If this isn’t possible, ensure the front legs of the sofa rest on the rug. However, this cannot be done in some rooms as there simply isn’t enough space. In this situation, choose a rug that serves as an accent piece and keep all furniture legs off of the rug. Rugs in dining rooms should be sized so the legs of the chairs remain on the rug when a person pushes their chair back. Bob Mills Furniture carries a selection of rugs and will gladly assist customers in choosing the right one for their space.

Room Orientation

Consider the room orientation when choosing a rug. Rectangular rooms look best with a rectangular rug. Place the rug in the same direction as the room for the best results. Square rooms look amazing with either a square or round rug. This allows for more design flexibility, which people are certain to love.


Individuals find rugs in a wide range of materials. Choose from natural fibers such as jute or wool or go with a rug in a man-made material. Rugs serve as an investment in the home, so choose a material that is comfortable to walk on and one that holds up with regular traffic. For instance, a rug in a hallway receives more traffic than the rug in a guest bedroom. High-traffic areas do best with rugs made from durable materials. Save more delicate materials for areas that don’t receive as much use.

Ease of Cleaning

Rugs get dirty, yet nobody wants to spend their free time regularly cleaning their floor coverings. Consider the ease of cleaning when choosing a rug for any room in the home. Kilims are made using cotton and woven wool so they are easy to clean and hold up well in areas of heavy traffic. Jute and sisal come from natural materials and also hold up well under heavy use.

Many people love overdyed rugs with their distressed look. These rugs work best in areas of moderate traffic, so reserve their use for bedrooms in the home. Tufted rugs, in contrast, work well in areas with little traffic, although they do add warmth and luxury to any room.


The final thing to consider when choosing a rug is the color or pattern. In many ways, this serves as the most important factor in the decision-making process, as the color or pattern of the rug ties the space together. Choose a neutral color and allow the rug to serve as a canvas for the other room decor. Go with a bright color to make the rug the focal point of the room. Patterns provide visual interest to any area. To avoid problems when choosing a patterned rug, pick one where the color of the sofa serves as the second most dominant color in the rug. This ensures the two don’t clash.

With these tips, every person can find the perfect rug for their space. If help is still needed, don’t hesitate to ask. Friends love to provide their input, so turn to the person whose home you admire the most. The sales team at the rug showroom can also be of benefit at this time. The perfect rug is waiting for you, so don’t give up until you find it. Make use of all available resources and this rug will be yours in no time at all.

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