Creative Home Decor Ideas using Mini Excavators: How to Incorporate Construction Equipment into Your Interior Design

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In an age where we are looking to recycle and upcycle as much waste as possible creative and dynamic individuals are using old construction equipment in novel ways to further the boundaries of interior design. With many trends now centering around industrial design concepts in the home, it is interesting to ponder how the humble mini excavator can be to create some awe-inspiring centerpieces for your home.

Engine Parts

Rather than seeing min excavators head straight for the dump a bit of ingenuity can create the coffee table you’ve dreamed of. This trend of recycling industrial machines destined for dumping is being used to create truly awesome and thoroughly unique buildings. These projects are on a very large scale but interior designers are taking note and being inspired.

This inspiration can be seen in how engine parts are being repurposed to create tables. Not only do you get the industrial tone and style you’ve been looking for, but what’s more, is that it’s built to last straight from the factory. Using an engine block or gearbox as the base of any table means that very little can break that solid steel base. When looking to source mini excavator parts for your interior design dreams, a great place to start inquiries is your local tool hire.

Never Underestimate the Bucket

Another area of your dream home that can benefit from old heavy equipment is your garden. Before a mini excavator bucket is destined for the dump why not think about how it could be used in your garden? They could be the ultimate hardened steel place to plant your favorite flowers or crops to become self-sufficient. Rather than plastic pots that just add to environmental waste or clay pots prone to cracking and breaking, a mini excavator bucket is not too prone to the same weaknesses. Sourcing one can be as easy as contacting your local mini digger hire to point you in the right direction.

While you’re at it you might as well research several of the other attachments mini excavators can use for carrying out specific purposes. These too might just be the spark that sets your creativity ablaze and help you find new uses for industrial parts in the home and garden.

Your Creativity is the only Limit

Tables and garden accessories are only scraping the surface of possibilities. Parts from mini excavators can be used to build bookcases, with hardened tool steel providing the foundations for a rock-solid library. Here again, the engine and other moving parts can serve this purpose. The operator seat and control surfaces can be converted into the ultimate gaming PC or console setup for that man cave you have dreamed of. Control surfaces can also serve as the primary design for that dream gaming PC, thoroughly unique and using repurposed parts as the actual case. The only real limit is your creativity.


Humanity in general has been awfully wasteful. The current trend of recycling and upcycling is a breath of fresh air for interior designers and environmentalists alike. A ton of fun can be had creating steampunk-inspired centerpieces or industrial-inspired centerpieces. These will also make your home truly yours and not one of the cookie-cutter home designs forced upon us.

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