5 Exceptional Backyard With Pool Designs

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Are you eager to create the perfect backyard sanctuary? When you want to get away without leaving home, a swimming pool is your answer. With some lush landscaping and a fun design, you’ll never want to go back inside.

Read on to learn 5 ways you can build an exceptional backyard with pool designs!

  1. Make Your Swimming Pool into a Resort

For a fun and splashy look, set up some colorful umbrellas and beach chairs around your pool. Go with bold stripes in classic navy and glass-top tables for a classic look. You’ll feel like you’re sitting at your favorite resort.

For an extra bit of luxury, add a swim-up gazebo — and maybe a few mixed drinks inside! Complete the look with a travertine patio around your pool. A backyard with pool designs can become a staycation destination.

  1. Create a Natural Oasis

If you’re hoping to pretend you’re in the Caribbean, lush landscaping can transform an in-ground pool. Use surrounding gardens to create an oasis. From palm trees to hostas, you can create a vibrant green and relaxing space.

Enclose your pool area with ornamental grasses and elephant ears. You’ll love the sound of a gentle breeze rustling the leaves. Or add a fountain for some soothing sounds.

  1. A Backyard with Pool Designs Can Be Modern

If you’re a fan of clean lines, why not reflect that aesthetic in your in-ground pool? Choose a sharp, rectangular style with a neutral bottom. Even better, go with an infinity pool that looks like it merges with the sky.

On this site, you can find expert builders to help you achieve the specific style you want. And that can include modern and minimalist accents. From concrete to pavers, you can get the right look.

  1. Keep a Mellow Vibe with a Party Pool

A kidney-shaped pool presents a cool and fresh vibe that will make your backyard a hit! Add a volleyball net or tiki bar to your surroundings. Go with terra cotta pavers and a few bold flower plantings.

Another option is to consider using a beach entry for your pool. This will make your pool look softer and more natural — and you’ll feel like you’re entering a lake! It’s the perfect place to lounge on a Saturday afternoon.

  1. Leave Room for a Hot Tub

Nothing completes a pool like a hot tub. When you’re developing your landscape plans, leave room for a hot tub next to the pool. On winter nights, a hot tub will be the ideal retreat.

Consider tucking one against some vegetation. Or situate it on an elevated space above your pool. After putting in some laps, you’ll appreciate having a place to relax your muscles.

Create the Perfect Backyard Pool Design

You can build a stunning backyard with pool designs. From modern to traditional, you can turn a swimming pool into a landscaping centerpiece. Choose your style, vegetation, and color scheme to create your look!

For more tips to enhance your property, check back for new and informative articles.

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