Violet BlissSuite: A Comfortable Concept and A Mixture of Masculine with the Feminine

Violet BlissSuite 14

It is a stimulating project of a hotel with a comfortable concept designed by Nayra Iglesias from In Out Studio. Violet BlissSuite is designed with violet, an awesome color that represents the mixture of masculine with the feminine (blue and red). Executed in November 2019, each suite in the hotel has its own personality based on violet.


Violet BlissSuite 22

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Violet BlissSuite 21

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Each suite has a vibrant and sensual space and walls covered with three-dimensional materials. Careful lighting is also combined to enhance the comfortable senses. The suite is divided into two connected spaces made by Veganox and Secrisa: bedroom and bathroom.

The bedroom and bathroom are separated by metal lattices and delicate glass. They communicate through a suggestive treatment of ceilings, floors, and pairs.

There is also a two-tone continuous pavement between both spaces that delimiting the greatest traffic area with the most exclusive area with a delicate degraded mosaic flooring of the Urban Chic series of Hisbalit. This pavement is materialized with a carpet of violet deluxe hair.

Each suite in this hotel also has a custom design of personal care space in two types.



Violet BlissSuite 15

Violet BlissSuite 12

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Violet BlissSuite 5

The first type of custom design of personal care space is the bathroom that has an extra-long mosaic worktop. The structure under each washbasin in this bathroom is used as the Orion mirrors and furniture from the Violet Bliss collection.

The whole space of this bathroom is designed entirely with pieces from the exclusive Finion series by Villeroy & Boch that has refined aesthetics and innovative lighting effect. The bathroom fittings are shaped by the Oioli brand with a sensual brass line called Navona.

The second type features a matt glass worktop and furniture, made in a mixed solution of rhomboidal textured glass with Secrisa’s dichroic glass designed by the studio. This also includes the Ixion mirror set that completes the interior space with retro-futuristic tints.

The washbasins come from the elegant Collaro collection by Villeroy & Boch with taps by Oioli too.



Violet BlissSuite 6

Violet BlissSuite 7

Violet BlissSuite 2

Violet BlissSuite 3

Violet BlissSuite 4

Violet BlissSuite 1

The central space of the bedroom is highlighted by the XXL glass headboard by Secrisa with design by the studio and also backlit from GLC Lighting. The bed is completed with Silkdreams padding that has an innovative motorized system made by the Bedline group, allowing better ergonomics in the cleaning made.

LACE-X nightstands are incorporated for both sides of the bed while the new studio design made of dichroic glass from Secrisa exclusively for this concept of a hotel room. In this awesome space, the color not is given by the Vescom curtains with a set of iridescent colors and a double skin.

The spectacular painting by Miguel Ángel Cardenal de Saisho art stands out awesomely with the curved sideboard ELEKTRA produced by Grupo Bedline and designed by Nayra Iglesias.

The room’s opposite side is used as a reading corner with a new LOLAPOP design by Iglesias that incorporates its own beautiful lamp, supported by a small table from Roche Bobois that made from metalized fiber.

In this project, the strong point of the interior is its lighting. This lighting is made based on two strategies: the decorative lighting formed by the new Violet Bliss lamp collection and the recessed lighting and indirect lighting made with Xal’s high-end product.


Violet BlissSuite Gallery


Photographer: Gonzalo Botet

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