Features of a Modern House: What to Know Before Buying

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We have all heard of the term, but what is a ‘modern house’ really? When you look up ‘modern house’ a lot of different homes will come up in your search. Many of these houses are listed as modern, to attract new views and buyers, to up the price tag, and sometimes to generate more interest in the property, but are they really a modern house? How could you identify one, and what is the sign you are looking at one?

Many of these houses can be found in areas around Brisbane, according to Top10RealEstateAgent, if you are looking to buy one in that area. Modern Houses are actually a very specific architectural style of home, not only are they new but are also defined by the features inside of them, as much as the look outside of them.

If you are looking to purchase a modern home, let’s have a look at some key points you should know about these modern houses, before looking and buying a property.


Natural Lighting.

Natural lighting is a very modern concept and something that modern designs heavily utilize. By using both larger and smaller windows, a house can be flooded with warm natural sunlight, keeping the room bright and open throughout the entire day.

Not only can natural lighting be used in a practical sense, but with different sized; unadorned windows can be a focal point to a room as well as adding both life, and an artistic perspective in a simple and timeless way. This play on dimensions and sunlight creates a cheery, open, and inviting feel for both family and guests to your home entering your new modern home.


Open Plan

With modern families, comes modern needs. While places such as bedrooms are still a little retreat, and bathrooms and laundries may still be privately tucked away, open plan living embraces family space and being together. Gone are the days of blocked-in rooms, separated areas, and harsh lighting.

Open living spaces help achieve this by mapping out the dining, living, and kitchen spaces in spacious and accessible rooms. Whether you are watching TV while cooking or drafting out that paper while keeping an eye on the kids playing, open plans spaces encourage entertainment, togetherness, and inclusiveness. You will find open concepts have very minimal, and uncluttered space. This is key to helping keep the room flowing and not smothered.


White Rooms

While it has been long known that neutral and light tones work well in brightening, and opening up a room, modern houses embrace white.

White rooms are heavily featured as they highlight a level of sophistication, elegance, and simplicity that encapsulates the essence of a modern house. White and reflective surfaces are common in modern architecture, many rooms will complement this with clean, minimal lines and simplistic designs. Everything about modern houses highlights clutter-free and classy living, from design to color schemes.


Technology and Energy Efficiency

Modern houses match modern culture, with high quality, efficient appliances, and other fantastic gadgets.

In more recent times many people have changed over to more environmentally friendly options like such as solar energy. Other things you may find in a modern house for energy efficiency can also be things like low-flow toilets, LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances, and tankless water heating.

More often than not, a modern property will have a heavy technology-based living, for ease, luxury, and comfort. This includes the use of smart devices and connectivity. Technology in modern houses comes in many forms. It could be the top-of-the-line security systems, all the way down to state-of-the-art kitchen and appliances, or even lighting and heating and remote controls throughout the house.

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