The 3 Ways To Make A Short-Term Rental Feel More Like Home

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If you’re been traveling for business for months out of the year, then you likely yearn for home during those times. Sometimes a short-term rental can be very comfortable, but still lacks a few things to really make it feel like a temporary home. Common types of short-term rentals include apartments and houses.

You’ll usually get all the furniture you need with a comfy bed and sometimes even an office space so you can get work done. No matter where you go for work, you can make it feel more personalized and homey even if you are visiting downtown Toronto in short-term rentals. In this article, we will go over several scenarios to help you create a temporary home on the road.

1. Bring personal items

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to make a short-term rental feel like home is by bringing along personal items. Whatever it is that brings you a sense of home or holds sentimental value should be packed along with your clothes. Photos are the most obvious thing to bring since they are easy to pack and can brighten your day when you see the faces of your family.

Another item to consider is a favorite pillow or a small throw blanket. A pillow or blanket from home can transform an ordinary couch into a cozy, inviting space that you can’t wait to sink into.

Other decorative touches can add a bit of your personality to the space as well. If you have some knick-knacks that represent some of your interests then bring them along. Maybe it’s a trophy you’ve won or a souvenir from a place that holds a special place in your heart.

2. Think of the scents and sounds

Familiar scents can instantly make a new place feel more welcoming and comforting. Essential oils are great at putting you in a certain mindset. Think about bringing along a diffuser that creates a scent that relaxes your mind.

A bath bomb is also a great way to bring some interesting aromas into your space. A warm bath with the right scent will go a long way toward relaxing you and helping you feel at home.

Listening to familiar tunes that you often hear at home will also help you feel like you aren’t so far away. Make sure to bring along a playlist with the songs you listen to the most at home.

3. Explore the neighborhood

A short-term rental is usually in a neighborhood that has a lot of services for the people staying there. Very often they are close to downtown where interesting things are happening.

To really feel at home, get to know the neighborhood. If you wander you’ll find some spaces where you feel really comfortable. Find a small park where you can sit and get some sun and fresh air. Zero in on the perfect coffee shop where you can become a regular customer.

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