5 Elements of the Perfect Kitchen Design

3d rendering white modern design kitchen with lamp
3d rendering white modern design kitchen with lamp

A good kitchen design does a lot to improve the quality of your home. Appliances play a key role, and keeping things spacious is a big help. If you’re stuck with kitchen design decisions, there are five important elements that will make a difference.

1. The Fridge

A fridge can be the centerpiece of your kitchen. The best double door fridges will usually contain a lot of bells and whistles. This makes the high price of a new fridge well worth the hassle. With an extended warranty, you can depend on your fridge for multiple years to be the most important appliance in your kitchen. Brand matters, but you should also look at how the design meshes with the area.

2. Colors

One company’s white is completely different from its competitors. Pay close attention to pictures when you’re changing colors in a kitchen. If it is too colorful, then it will look too gaudy for everyday use. Colors should blend, pop, but never take over when you enter a room. A kitchen that gets a lot of sunlight will have a different set of rules to follow for colors. Silver or chrome appliances will reflect the light, and turn your kitchen into an unintentional light show.

3. Space

A space-saving design is a major part of any great kitchen. When things are too cluttered, the design of a kitchen gets in the way of its functionality. The perfect kitchen design will always maintain its usability in everyday cooking and cleaning situations. A double-door fridge with storage at the bottom can save you valuable counter space. In addition, wider cabinets will prevent you from having to overload a cupboard. All of the small decisions you make with kitchen purchases should involve how much space it will save in an area.

4. Doors

Knobs and handles are a small detail in a perfect kitchen design. Take a look at your current setup – how well do the knobs on the cabinet match with the handles on the doors? If you have doors in your kitchen that lead to the backyard, do they complement nearby appliances? In some ways, this is an oversimplification of an important kitchen asset. But once you notice an out-of-place handle or knob with your own eyes, it is impossible to unsee.

5. Other Appliances

The details of the small things in your kitchen design are not as noticeable as the large changes. The best appliances will meet your needs for design, features, space-saving, and functionality. In some cases, you can mix and match brands when the colors are similar. But for the best effect, getting appliances as a set will grant you the best look. Kitchen appliance packages are often reduced in price, so will offer a better value for your money. That is why it’s smarter to upgrade all of your appliances together when possible.

A Look to Remember

Give your kitchen a one-of-a-kind look by being creative. No two spaces are made the same, so the design you choose should represent your vision. Make your kitchen special, and the rest of the house will soon follow.

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