Top Property Apps and Other Tools That Aid Inspections

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Is your house in good shape? It’s a question that probably plays on your mind a lot if you are renting it out to someone. There is much in the way of natural wear and tear that can happen to a house over-time that you are going to want to keep an eye on.

But tenants can also prove a nuisance and could have caused damage to your property that you are going to want to get to the bottom of. Property inspection is key here.

Some great property apps can help you overcome this. Here are some home inspection software reviews to aid you in finding the best home inspection software for your property.

1. iAuditor

The great thing about this software – which lets you conduct inspections from your mobile or tablet – is its checklist feature. This allows you to create a big list of things that you are looking for to carry around with you in the palm of your hand.

As you make your way around the house you can slowly tick these off rather than having to rely on a piece of paper or your memory. This ensures that you won’t miss anything.

You can also keep a record of all your previous inspections. Drawing them all together you can start to see patterns between the different inspections.

Using software like this means you can conduct your inspections fairly and quickly. This can help you become an all-star property manager or owner.

2. Build Up

This property inspection tool is all about inspecting a property which is still being built. It can help you to keep on top of all of the different contractors – builders, electricians, plumbers, and interior designers.

The great thing about Build Up is that it takes much of the stress of running the project out of your hands. First of all, it provides a checklist feature and the ability to take pictures during the inspections.

It can also send emails to the various contractors and they can have a log in so that they can see the problems with the site and which ones need addressing.

This creates a level of joined-up thinking unheard of in the property construction industry. It allows everyone to see the entire project at once to ensure it moves forward.

3. Kizzeo Forms

Property inspections can feel as if they produce endless paperwork.

What’s great about this property tool is it creates the forms for you. Instead of having to carry around endless paper forms, this tool creates new digital forms that you can fill in as you go.

You can attach various media to this app and then email these forms to where they need to go. But you can also use NFC – near-field communication – to send the documents to where they need to go.

This is great and means you can send documents straight away to someone else with a device. If you are inspecting a property that is still being built then the chances are there isn’t going to be WiFi on site.

If you are using a tablet then fiddling around trying to tether your tablet to a mobile data connection on a phone can also take up unnecessary time trying to figure this out.

4. App Sheets

The best thing about this property inspection tool is its integration. It allows you to create a workflow to bring all of your documents involving property inspection together. Effectively you are creating your app by importing all the best features of other apps that you need.

Some of the features of other great software you can use include importing spreadsheets from Microsoft Office or Google Docs and Google Forms.

You can also use the GPS functionality of Google Maps. Perhaps a contractor is on their way with a vital part of the project like windows and doors or wooden joists and you want to be able to track them to know exactly when they will arrive on site.

You could even use this property inspection software for manhole inspections.

One of the best things about this app is that although you are adding in the features that you need for your project whether its a simple house inspection for your tenants or construction in progress, you don’t need to know code.

The integrations mean you can use the features you want without having to hire a programmer.

Be sure to check out the free trial before you purchase this one.

Property Apps Can Speed Up Your Property Project

There are a host of reasons why you should use property apps, whatever your project.

Instead of having to carry around tons of long and complicated forms with you that you fill in with handwriting that others might not be able to read, you can now create digital forms.

These can then be shared using both email and near-field communication for a seamless experience.

Using property apps can also help you to realize a good design that might one day result in you building the best-designed house in your country.

If you are overseeing the construction of a property, you can now see all of the contractors at once and catch up on where each one is in the process. This amount of joined-up thinking allows you to create a coherent workflow that all contractors – big or small – can have access to.

It can speed up the process of building a house or a bigger property immensely. But equally many of the property apps can also be used for simple inspections too.

If you are interested in reading more about home inspection software reviews be sure to check out the rest of the blog.

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