7 Astonishing Modern Family Villa

Kvåsfossen 5

A modern family villa is a kind of a perfect place for a family who wants to enjoy their precious time together far from busy activities. It is a villa with a modern design that dominated by modern elements too. You can even add a swimming pool to complete your villa facility. Here is our collection of an astonishing modern family villa that you can choose to get more inspirations and ideas.

1. Villa Vista by Znameni Ctyr Architekti

Villa Vista 4

A historical garden park and panoramic views of Prague’s skyline are used by the architect as the main inspirations to design Villa Vista. It is a modern family villa that combines massing and minimalist composition which are formed by stacking of five blocks – storeys.


2. Villa Rotonda by Bedaux de Brouwer Architecten

Villa Rotonda 7

A minimalist modernist twist and medium gray brick can be found in Villa Rotonda. With dark gray slate roof tiles and the typical Bedaux repertoire material pallet, this modern family villa has special characters that come from its materials and structure.


3. VH6 House by Idee Architects

VH6 House 5

VH6 House is a corner villa with a flexible brise-soleil system for the family’s modern lifestyle. It is a modern family villa with an extension space that added to take all advantage of the view while the flexible brise-soleil system in this villa is used to adjust the light into the house.


4. Villa Lima by Johan Sundberg Arkitektur

Villa Lima 2

For a flexible family-lifestyle, Villa Lima offers a modern design that is awesome and elegant. It is a modern family villa that can offer more additional benefits for this young couple daily live with the most economically feasible solution and good design.


5. Villa Nyckelpiga by Johan Sundberg Arkitektur

Villa Nyckelpiga 9

Villa Nyckelpiga is a modern family villa with two slender structures that can create an awesome view that dominated by the forest, sand, and forest. The idea of this villa is to create a beautiful house with both privacy and fun way to enjoy the landscape surroundings.


6. Villa 118 by Denis Rakaev

Villa 118 1

It is a modern living place that has a contemporary interior combined with a high wooden ceiling in 150 meter square of the total area. The idea of Villa 118 is to provide a good and comfortable house for the owner that designed and completed with a lot of modern elements.


7. Kvåsfossen by Rever & Drage

Kvåsfossen 5

Surrounded by dense oak woodland and located near a river, Kvåsfossen is a combination of modern and traditional design in one building. It is large and small, modern, and traditional with a low and large roof which also acts as a facade towards the nearby.

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