Five Best Ways to Detuscanize Your Home

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Are you fond of your little paradise? Undoubtedly, homes serve a higher purpose than providing shelter. It is a place where you can unwind and relax after a hectic day at work. However, it only becomes possible with the correct ‘type’ and ‘amount’ of décor. In this new millennium, the emergence of new trends is transforming the interior design.

Previously, homes got inspired by the elements of nature – iron accessories, crumbling walls, and marble flooring. These were the famous Tuscan-style homes, known for its peaceful vibe and atmosphere. In the 21st century, people are looking forward to homes that align with modern infrastructure and architecture. Millennials crave a design with no-fuss features and easy maintenance.

Thus, it is time to bid goodbye to ornate furniture and welcome open living spaces with pops of bright color and clean lines. You can replace marble floors with warm carpets and iron accessories with some statement pieces. Surprisingly, this new decade could be the perfect opportunity for De-Tuscanizig space. If you are clueless from where to start, have a look below.

Here are the five best ways to De-Tuscanize your home.


  1. Swap Flooring with Carpets

With the luxurious look of wooden floors, it’s pretty hard to turn eyes away, but the comfort of carpets is irreplaceable. It creates an appealing visual interest in your home with its bold colors and shy patterns. You can either fully carpet your house – bedroom, living room, kitchen, or insert rugs all around the place. Whatever you pick, align it with the theme and furniture of the house.

Usually, the risk of stains and debris that sticks to carpets holds people back from adding rugs. If you reside in New York, look for a carpet cleaning company in NYC to give quick bathe to carpets once a month. They use in-depth cleaning solutions to wipe out all the stains and dust, leaving you with spotless carpets. Alongside changing the look of the room, rugs have many benefits. It reduces chatter and noise of shoes all around the house, maintaining a calm and quiet atmosphere. Besides, it is an ideal choice for the colder region as it provides warmth to your feet.


  1. Bring in Modern Furniture

These days, homeowners are looking forward to furniture that doesn’t lose its value over time. Spending on unique pieces and museum-worthy furniture is an investment since you have to fork out a tidy sum upfront. Therefore, make sure the furniture is functional and decorative. Here are a few options.

  • Sofa Bed: Space-saving furniture is always a great choice, especially for compact homes. Sofa beds look exquisite in the living room while turning into a bed to accommodate guests.
  • Console Table: If you have a boring entryway, a console table with some artwork and florals can pump up the look.
  • Timeless Bookshelf: Get a minimalistic bookshelf in pine wood as it blends with every theme of the house.


  1. Replace Kitchen Cabinets

In your De-Tuscanizing spree, don’t miss out on your kitchen. Those Tuscan-style cabinets would clash with modern décor and infrastructure. Hence, replace the cabinets to create a cohesive look throughout. Some people prefer replacing the style of cupboards by changing the doors, repainting, and adding a few cosmetic updates. At the same time, others invest in new cabinets that complement the modern infrastructure of the house.

Although cabinets are not the main feature of the kitchen, they pull the entire room together. Start assessing your storage needs and conduct a market survey. You can opt for veneer wood, stainless steel, or colorful cabinets. If you are up for some change, add a couple of open shelves to make the kitchen feel more spacious. It lets you put all the exclusive cutlery at the display, adding to home décor.


  1. Instill Bathroom Vanity

If your house is ages old, consider sprucing up your bathroom vanity. Find a replacement for all the rusty faucets and mirrors. Get your hands-on new hardware, but make sure it complements your bathroom. Firstly, look for shelf-vanity and then begin your sink search. If you have space, opt for vessel sink; otherwise, you can stick to the standard drop-in ones. Moreover, get rid of the gilded frame and salvage the mirror on the wall – the bigger, the better. You can also try a circular or oval mirror with a thin wooden frame if you want to give a luxurious touch.


  1. Treat Your Windows & Ceilings

Do you have shutters or curtains all around the house? They protect your home from the harmful rays of the sun, but they don’t go hand-in-hand with the modern interior. Open windows make space look brighter and more accessible, creating a lively environment. However, if you don’t prefer a lot of sunlight, treat your windows with foldable blinds.

Moreover, refinish the dark ceiling beams by giving them a fresh coat of grey or brown paint. Also, bring in some exclusive chandeliers and lights to make the space look complete. You can grab pendant hanging lamps, string lights, puffed chandeliers, or anything that fits your budget. As for the color, stick to white lights if you have darker furniture or yellow lights if you have neutral pieces.


To Conclude:

Today, there is a mass De-Tuscanization taking place in America, especially on the Upper East Side. As millennials step into real-estate markets, they want homes with contemporary style – something that aligns with their personality. If you are also looking for a similar design, consider De-Tuscanizing your existing place. You can turn it into a modern home with some minor changes and renovations.

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