New Homes In Western Australia: All The Essential Details

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Perth is a rising city in Western Australia where several people want to settle and grow their businesses. The real estate market in this part is becoming more competitive, making it essential to look for the right options as soon as possible.

People face the tricky choice; should they rent, buy a prefabricated house, or build the structure from scratch? Building a new house may sound costly, but you can quickly finish the job if you hire a proper contractor.

Why Should You Build A New Home?

Building a house from scratch may be your last choice with rising material prices. However, this approach has more benefits compared to renting or buying a used house.

1. You can customize the design

This is one primary factor in building a new home. You can choose the design to fit your style and express yourself through your home.

You can also adjust the house’s layout to fit your needs; bigger rooms, lower steps, and ventilation are some aspects you can control.

2. You can save on costs

You may think it costs more to build a new home, but additional payments that come with established properties can cripple your wallet. Mortgages and bank loans may add interest to your expected paying amount.

New homes may also have tax incentives and deductions from your local government agencies.

3. It can be energy efficient

You can arrange the home energy system with a new house. Perhaps you want a solar power connection or a no-waste water system? You can make these modifications possible when you build a new house.

4. It’s safer

Building standards have changed over time, and several older houses aren’t safe. There also isn’t any risk of damage from the previous owner since everything is new. Your fixtures are all clean and mold-free.

Factors That Affect Construction Price

You can save money if you choose the right building contractor, but other factors affect the overall cost of your house project.

  • The land cost – Your lot will be more expensive the closer it is to the city.
  • Sitework costs – You must review your contractor’s pricing, and try not to go over AUD 15,000.
  • The home’s purpose – Is it for personal use, or are using it as an investment? Watch your spending especially if the house is for the latter reason.
  • Furnishing – Flooring, and walls are additional expenses besides the home construction. Remember these when you compute your total budget.

House Designs

You must choose a contractor who offers various house designs. Our team at RBWA Perth has several specialized designs you can use to choose your dream home.

Single-story homes

Our bungalow homes have sleek, spacious designs that appeal to your style. Each home includes three to four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two garages.

We have modern and classic designs that appeal to different clients. Your home will be one of the most stylish in Perth.

Double-story homes

The biggest concern with two-story homes is their bulky size. Our team at RBWA Perth has especially designed double-story homes that can fit any block, whether it’s wide, narrow, or square.

The homes have three or four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two garages.

The Top Designs

RBWA has several home designs that are stylish and functional. These three are the most popular houses that clients love.

1. The Art House

This building is a classy double-story house that combines mixed materials. This house allows natural light to enter, making the interior bright.

2. The Beach House

This is another double-story house, and its design inspiration comes from the lovely West Australian coastline. This building has a unique butterfly double pitch skillion roof that brings out the detail of the layout.

3. The Mandalay

We have a stylish single-story home that’s perfect for families with children. It’s spacious, and the oversized windows allow proper ventilation throughout the building.

Tips Before Building A New House

Building a new house is an exciting and challenging task; that’s why you must prepare before you make any significant decisions.

1. Choose a proper lot

Perth has several lovely coastal and countryside lots. However, the more scenic the area is, the more expensive the land. Determine your budget before you settle on an expensive lot.

It’s always best to settle in a convenient area. Make sure you’re near hospitals, shopping centers, markets, and schools.

2. Have a budget ready

You will pay for the lot, the materials, the labor, and the extra furnishings. Always have an amount ready for cost overruns during your house construction.

Consider the possibility that you will have to take a mortgage. Study the different payment options you have months before you begin the construction project.

3. Pick a house plan and team

RBWA has you covered in this aspect. We have several home layouts you can choose from, and our experienced team is always happy to assist you.


Building a new home is a complicated decision. Luckily, companies like RBWA can help you with several aspects. We have lovely house plans that suit any taste, and we provide passionate service from the heart.

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