Refined Relaxation: Should Sleeping on Linen Sheets Be Your Preferred Way to Spend the Night?

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A good night’s sleep is everyone’s wish. But some people need just the right sheets and other bed linens to sleep well. The synthetic materials can be hot and sticky in warm weather and cold in the winter. Silk sheets are expensive and sometimes too slippery for a person’s liking. Cotton sheets are very popular and come in different price ranges and thread counts. But, linen sheets are the best for many people. Linen is a natural fabric that gets better with age and has many advantages once a person gets by the higher cost.

Why Choose Linen?

Luxury Linen gives a feel and sleeping comfort that can be well worth the investment. Since people sleep or attempt to sleep for 1/3rd of their lives, it makes sense to invest in comfortable sheets that make sleep come easier. While many sheet materials show wears with every washing, linen sheets get better and softer with multiple pieces of washing. This softness does not mean they are wearing out or that the material is getting thinner.

The benefits of linen sheets include their hypo-allergic properties that help people with allergies sleep better. This is because of their filtering properties. Linen sheets have moisture reducing properties and they are breathable so they remain cool and dry during the summer and dry and taking on body heat in the winter.

Anyone who has ever gotten a static electricity shock from their sheets or pillowcases will appreciate the anti-static properties of linen sheets. This helps people sleeping on linen sheets maintain a healthy ph level. People with sensitive skin or skin conditions find linen sheets more comfortable to sleep on. Linen sheets also have anti-bacterial properties.

From an environmental standpoint, linen sheets are a winner because they are made from flax which is a renewable resource and is biodegradable when its useful life is finished. Linen sheets take less energy to produce and last longer so they are doubly good for the environment. Linen has longer fibers than cotton which helps them be more durable

An interesting fact about linen is that it can absorb up to 20 times its weight in moisture which makes it a good moisture wick and helps people sleep nice and dry. This property makes linen a temperature regulator to keep users cooler in summer and warmer in winter months.

What Is Negative About Linen Sheets?

Linen sheets can feel stiff at first and may take multiple pieces of washing to feel as soft as good quality cotton sheets. This is because linen is a course and thicker material when new and takes time to get broken in. The initial cost of high thread count linen sheets can put a large dent in the bedding budget. Linen sheets take a little special care to give the best performance. If the sheets have been dyed, make sure the dies used were eco-friendly and formaldehyde has not been used.

Caring For Linen Sheets

To get the longest best use from linen sheets take special care of them in the laundry. Make sure to use soft water to wash them or if the water is hard, use a fabric softener. Use the gentle setting and warm to cold water when laundering linen sheets. Don’t use bleach or a detergent with whitening agents in it. These can weaken the linen fibers. Linen sheets should never be dry cleaned. Air drying is best for linen sheets but they can be dried in a dryer if the setting is on low and the dryer is not overcrowded.

Don’t bother to iron linen sheets because the natural look with small creases is preferred. Store linens in a cool dry place and do not store in plastic bags. Using and enjoying linen sheets is a lifestyle commitment. When purchasing linen sheets, read the label to make sure what is being purchased is 100% high-grade linen and not a blend with another less-expensive fiber. the best linen comes from Europe.

Linen VS Cotton Sheets

When comparing linen sheets to cotton sheets, the cotton sheets are less expensive but do not last as long. Linen fibers are longer and thicker to be more durable. Linin shoots are made from flax seeds and cotton sheets are made from cotton fibers or fluff grown on a cotton plant. Cotton fibers are woven into yarn which is used to make cotton sheets that are soft and inviting. Cotton sheets can show wear at each laundering and have an average lifespan of three to five years. This is shorter than linen sheets.

Cotton sheets come in blend with other fibers, pure cotton, and in different thread counts. Purchase higher thread count sheets for more comfort and longer-lasting sheets. Cotton sheets do not wick moisture away as well as linen sheets and take longer to dry when damp.

Finally, you can buy the best linen or cotton sheets and you will not sleep well if you do not have a good mattress and pillows to put them over. It is the combination of a good mattress and pillows and good linens that allow people to have the best night’s sleep. In all of the parts of the luxury bed that allows the best night’s sleep, you get what you pay for in most cases. Since a person spends up to 33% of their time in bed, spend the money on good-quality bedding.

If the budget is small, look for special sales and closeout deals on better quality bedding. It is best to get high-quality bedding at bargain prices than to purchase cheap bedding that does not perform well.

For a new design look, choose natural linen sheets in white or subtle colors. To add a little excitement get linen sheets or comforters died in bright colors and fun patterns. If you take good care of your linens they will give you years of good service and comfort. Take the time to read the thread counts of either linen or cotton sheets and go for the higher numbers. Higher thread count sheets tend to be softer and last longer.

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