Ways To Create Your Most Exotic Balinese Style Home

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You too can incorporate the magical Balinese vibe in the comfort of your home just by altering a few of your décor ideas. This utterly remarkable island is known to possess lush colors, tropical feels, and mesmerizing textiles that can easily fit into any home design. If you strive to implement Balinese culture, tradition, and style, you surely must create a sensations balance between nature-inspired hand-crafted delights and magical natural accents. Take a look at how you can transform your lovely home into the “island of the God” style and enjoy its magical wonders.

Open up the ambient

One of the most distinguishing factors into the Balinese style home is the outdoor element. Their culture and lifestyle somehow constantly blend with nature and outdoor living. The first and the easiest way to create your exotic Balinese home is to keep everything wide and open. Ditch the long and dark draperies, replace them with white linen curtains, if you can install floor to ceiling windows all along with your living room and combine the indoor with the outdoor living. The key is to let the fresh air flow and for the sunlight to shine brightly as much as possible.

Place nature-inspired ornaments

Balinese style décor exudes a beautiful blend of outdoor elements and nature-inspired accents. What is more, the unique nature-inspired details that distinguish Balinese décor is based on hand-crafted interior decorating in combination with organic greeneries and tropical world details? Skull Bliss decor, for instance, has brilliantly hand-crafted décor items that will undoubtedly transform your home. Other ornaments to add are any spiritual figures in various silhouettes and sizes made from copper, brass, ceramic, or wood.

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Opt for wooden furniture pieces

Nothing looks more enticing than meticulously designed wooden furniture with beautifully carved details. When it comes to Balinese style, the furniture that you should aim to get should be made out of wood and in vivid textures, and plain colors. Opt for natural and neutral tones and have in mind that it is crucial to incorporate some earthy elements like water or fire. Think bamboo Ottoman chairs or coffee tables, place mahogany wardrobe or drawers for an even more plush, elegant, and durable effect.

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Think holistically

Do your best to think outside the box when it comes to Balinese décor, and implement some luxe design pieces that will give you that otherworldly feel. Play with hues and various accessories. Blend the contemporary furniture with mosaic rugs, framed art, and brass vases or candle holders. The key is to balance the earthy elements with cosmopolitan art, therefore place leafy plants or tropical flowers, and aim to make a serene ambient where you can utterly unwind.

The water element

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Something that seemingly makes the Balinese style different from all others is the perfect blend of water and nature elements. As you try to invite numerous spontaneous holistic features into your home, try to restore the peaceful balance of earth and air by adding an outdoor fountain in your backyard, terrace, or patio. You would be amazed by how the tranquil splashing sounds of the water will enliven all your senses, plus they will be a charming detail in the center of your garden. Besides the bamboo trees, or tree embellished wall, place a small fountain or make a petite pond for a full-frontal Balinese backyard.

Add lush planters

If you are lucky enough to own a large backyard, you can easily revamp your home into an exotic Balinese-style home by planting lush large planters. Put some effort into mixing various types of trees, plants, and planters like palms, jasmine, banana plants, or ferns, and plant them either horizontally or vertically. Any type of greenery will look magnificently alongside a funky wooden outdoor furniture with white comfortable sofas. For a maximized Balinese feel place a hammock, some wooden lantern, and even a stylish birdcage with tropical bird species.

The above-mentioned pieces of advice will make your interior and exterior instantly look Balinese and exquisite without breaking a bank. Only set your heart and soul into the transformation and you will have an exotic paradise in the comfort of your home.

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