3 Things to Know About Hardwood Floor Restoration – Before You Begin

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If you’re lucky enough to have hardwood flooring in your home, embrace its natural beauty and longevity. With proper care, it can last for 100 years or longer. Many people make the mistake of ripping out old hardwood floors because they are dingy and don’t look good.

The smarter option is hardwood floor restoration. This breathes life and beauty into your old and well-worn floors. But there are a few things you should know before you begin restoring wooden floors.

This guide will tell you everything you some handy tips.

  1. Hire the Right Contractor

Not all contractors are the same, and you should look for the one that will do the best quality work. Plan to get at least three quotes. Kind in mind that price is not an indicator of quality.

Instead, focus on the examples of refurbished hardwood floors the contractor shows you. Ask for references from former clients. Then choose the best contractor you can afford.

The final step is to confirm that the contractor is fully licensed and insured. D C Keeton Home Improvements is a perfect example of a reputable contractor that provides quality work.

  1. Prepare Your Home

If budget is a concern, you can do a lot of the prep work yourself. This will allow the contractor to immediately commence work on your floors upon arrival.

Start by removing everything from the room. This includes all furniture, rugs, and window treatments. Then remove the doors that open inward.

The base molding must also come off. This will ensure the entire floor gets restored. If there are heating vents in the floor, those need to be removed also.

  1. You Might Want to Leave 

Depending on how large of a job your floor restoration is, you may want to find somewhere else to stay while it’s done. When your hardwood flooring spans throughout your house, the furniture will have to be completely removed or moved repeatedly from one room to the next.

Restoring wood flooring creates a ton of dust. It will get everywhere, no matter how carefully your contractor tries to seal off the area.

The odors from the staining and polyurethane are unpleasant. Plus, those odors will hang in the air for a few days after application. That’s after the three to five days it takes to do the floorboard restoration.

Finally, while you can use the room as soon as 24 hours after application, it takes several weeks for the treatment to fully cure.

Plan Your Hardwood Floor Restoration

If your hardwood floors look like they’ve seen better days, then it’s time to consider a hardwood floor restoration. This will repair the damage of everyday use and sun fading. It will also provide them with a protective layer to better withstand future use.

With the right contractor, your floors can have their original beauty and luster restored.

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