Ways to Style Indoor Plants in Your Living Room

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Plants not only bring outdoors in but also add texture to any space in your home. Indoor growing adds a splash of color and nuances to any neutral living room space.

In strictly keeping with biophilic design ideologies, plants not only reduce stress levels but also boost productivity. Indoor growing can also enhance the air quality and mood of a room. What can make you not fall in love with indoor growing?

If you’re after the best ways to add more indoor plants in your living room, be sure to make them part of your home décor as your artwork or cushions. Let’s take a look at these expert-proven ways to style indoor plants in your living room space.

Not sure how to go about it and which plants to grow? Let’s find out more.

Invest in a High-Quality Soilless Planter

When it comes to indoor plants, the planter you use defines the aesthetic they’ll provide your living room with. Think about your style, color palette, and décor and what will work perfectly in your living room.

You do not want pests and dirt that originate from soil. And that is why going soilless is the perfect option. You can only grow plants without soil by taking advantage of hydroponic systems.

These systems take farming to the next level. They only require a nutrient-rich solution, artificial light, and an air/water pump, all housed in a beautifully and uniquely designed container.

The best part is that, with a hydroponic garden, you can be able to grow healthy plants anywhere in your living room, from tight corners to spaces beside your sofa. You can also use hydroponic systems to create living walls using your favorite plants, including veggies, fruits, herbs, and flowers.

Go With a Curated Cluster

You can transform that empty, unused corner of your living room using a curated cluster of plants. The most important thing to keep in mind when styling your indoor plants is to create a variety of heights, texture, and depth. You can quickly achieve this by using plants of different sizes.

Using a hydroponic tower garden offers the perfect way to create a curated cluster. Instead of cultivating the same plants, you can go with variety.

Alternatively, you can create an electric appearance using different systems. Also, going with different pots makes for a great look. Whatever you decide to go with, opt for planters that blend perfectly with your décor style.

How Can Gardyn Help You Style Your Living Room?

Gardyn provides you with the opportunity to make healthy eating feel like your second nature. With a Gardyn hydroponic system, you can significantly boost your living room style by cultivating your favorite plants.

The system uses Gardyn’s patented HydroponicsTM technology to ensure homeowners enjoy the highest produce density they’ve ever made in their lives. You can grow over 30 large plants with a space of two square feet only.

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