The Top Commercial Building Siding Options and Materials

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Considering building or upgrading the exterior of a commercial property? Learn the siding options and materials you have for its construction in this guide.

Spring is in the air, which means you’re ready to finally give your commercial facility that long-awaited facelift. One of the best moves you can make? Adding new siding to your building’s exterior.

New siding is an excellent way to give your building a fresh look while also enhancing your property value. New siding can also increase your building’s energy efficiency.

The question is, which type of siding would fit your building the best?

Here’s a rundown on the top commercial building siding options and materials in 2020.

Let’s get started!

Top Siding Options Include Longboard Siding

If you’d like your commercial building’s exterior to be low maintenance, impact-resistant, and durable, then longboard siding may be the best choice for you.

These panels have great bend strength and high flexibility. They are also lightweight and resistant to the following:

  • Fire
  • Water infiltration and moisture
  • Fungus, mildew, and mold
  • Impact

A major benefit of longboard siding is that it is available in a variety of textures and colors. As a result, you can easily integrate it into your commercial property’s overall design.

Corten Steel Siding

Corten steel siding is another excellent exterior upgrade option, as it can protect your building’s structural integrity. This is especially valuable if you live in a location that experiences extreme weather.

What makes Corten steel so unique is that it begins to rust in the elements. However, the oxidation and corrosion that it experiences is actually beneficial. That’s because it makes self-repairing surface damage a cinch.

Cassette Panel Siding

Another popular siding option this year is cassette panels. You can apply these versatile panels multi-directionally to various substrates, including glass, plywood, and concrete.

With this type of siding, you simply snap every panel into the proper place, going from the top to the bottom. They are the perfect complement to stone and glass due to the high-end appearance and warmth they add to any commercial building.

ACM Panel Siding

ACM panels are yet another popular siding option for multiple reasons. For starters, they are enormously strong. In addition, they are lightweight and thus easy to handle.

What makes this siding stand out in the industry is that it provides top-tier protection against various weather conditions. These include the following:

  • Wildfire
  • Extreme heat
  • Hail
  • Snow
  • Rain

ACM panels are also relatively simple to maintain with surface cleanings. In addition, they are designed to add support and strength to commercial structures. That means they can extend your building exterior’s life.

You can also find these panels in various finishes and sizes. As a result, you can maintain your commercial building’s current design and style with this type of design.

Stone Cladding and Brick Veneer Siding

Stone is another siding option that has long been recognized for its durability and strength. Of course, creating a building entirely from stone isn’t feasible either financially or time-wise. This is particularly the case for commercial buildings.

However, stone cladding allows you to reap the benefits of stone without sacrificing large amounts of time and money.

With stone cladding siding, you can give your commercial building exterior an attractive natural look. At the same time, this type of siding is naturally resistant to the elements.

This type of siding is also highly durable and low maintenance. As a general rule of thumb, it is easier and less costly to install compared with natural stone as well.

You can apply stone cladding to the majority of surfaces, such as timber and concrete.

In addition, brick veneer siding is available if you prefer the look of brick on your commercial building. The brick facades are available today are created using processes that provide customers with various appearance, size, tone, and color options as well.

Stucco Siding

The stucco available for commercial properties today is typically a mixture of water, lime, Portland cement, and sand. However, it might also feature other additives. These include synthetic acrylics and fibers designed to add flexibility and strength.

You can apply stucco with three unique systems, with each system offering its own finished look.

For instance, the one-coat system includes applying a finish coat and base coat. This is the quickest method.

In addition, the three-coat system, also called the hard-coast system, involves one finish coat and two base coats. This system is bulkier, heavier, and more durable than the one-coast system is.

Finally, the synthetic system involves two stucco coats sprayed onto an insulation board made of foam. If you install this stucco system with an appropriate system for water drainage, you can expect it to be durable.

The synthetic system isn’t as durable as the three-coat system is. In addition, some people believe that the three-coat system is more attractive compared with the synthetic system. However, a chief benefit of synthetic stucco is that it is less likely to crack and can be less costly to install.

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