Driveway Or Lawn? Decoding The Differences!

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Selecting your dream home is an exciting task and pinpointing the way you want your house to be is equally interesting. There are many choices one has to make while selecting the dimensions and the different features one wants in a house. But, when the choices have to be made there is always a degree of confusion.

One such major battle is always between deciding whether to have a lawn or a driveway in your house. Since houses these days have a major space constraint due to overpopulation, there can be only enough space for one of the options available to us. So let’s have a brief discussion on this topic and have a look at the different advantages of both the options.



Honestly, a driveway has the main benefit of being super convenient if you own a car (which is quite probable if you own a house) so that you can easily pull up in your driveway and leave it there. You basically have the luxury of owning a private spot in which no one else can park their car. The driveway’s convenience will also come to the forefront when you go out to wash your car. It will be much easier to clean and wash your car when it’s parked comfortable on your property and away from the road.


Your safety issues and concerns about theft and damage to the car are mostly solved by having a driveway to park your car in. A driveway is mos closer to your house and any form of commotion or activity can be instantly picked up by you. Even the cameras that are mostly installed on the porch cover a driveway much better than the street.


Having a driveway is always seen as a valuable asset to the house. And if you have asphalt paving, you can further safeguard your investment since these driveways can even last for around 20 years.

Surprisingly, building an asphalt driveway can easily increase the value of your house by 5-10%. You can learn more about asphalt paving from Limitless Paving to minimizing the chances of driveway damages. Keeping such things in mind will help you get a  better resale amount on your property.



No one wants to stay indoors when the sun is shining bright on a winter’s day. You would want to sunbathe outside and having a lawn will make that very easy for you. You can even make an organic garden as it has become quite a health trend these days.


The main thing about a lawn is that it becomes very easy to keep an eye on kids while they play if you have a lawn in your home. Keeping stuff out to dry or leaving your dog out is always better if you have a nice fenced lawn in your home.


The value of a house is increased by almost 15% if it has a lawn or even some area that can have landscaping done. This is a well-known fact and that is why many owners maintain their lawn especially before selling the house further.

Both these options, a lawn and a driveway have their own advantages. In the end, if you have to select one, you would have to look at your own lifestyle and see which option is better for you. Go through this article to know the different benefits that both of them offer to get some idea about both these options.

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