Nirvana DEFINE Rama9: A Dark-Themed Style and Connected Elements for House Interior

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The interior design for this house is made based on owner preferences. Nirvana DEFINE Rama9 is a 2018 completed project by GLA Design Studio located in Rama 9 Rd., Bangkok. The dark surface materials are chosen for the dark-themed style and some elements are put carefully according to the different functions.


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The dark surface materials are chosen by the architect, accented with a bronze slimline to complete the dark-themed style. Each element in this house is also placed carefully according to the different functions, allowing each other visually connected inside the house. Every area inside the house is also arranged to meet the owner’s requirements.



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Furniture is also one of the connected elements that used to beautify this house interior. In order to accommodate the HI-FI system, the architect designs an elegant marble-cladded TV wall. There are also dark gigantic bookshelves disguised in sleek, to emphasize and reflect the gentleman character of the owner: noble and mature.



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Besides the dark gigantic bookshelves, a dark-themed style in this house interior also comes from other elements such as modern marble tables, black chairs, dark curtains, and even dark frames of the glazed windows. In order to balance this dark theme, the lighting arrangement is also added into the rooms especially in the dining room with the high ceiling.


Nirvana DEFINE Rama9

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