7 Popular Home Decor Trends: 2020 Edition

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Are you looking to make sure your home is on-trend next year?

Decorating your home not only enhances the enjoyment of it for you and your family. It also allows you to create different moods, and vibes – giving each room a purpose. But with so many trends out there, it can be hard knowing what to pick.

Don’t worry! Read on for 7 popular home decor trends you’ll want to follow in 2020.

1. Big, Bold Plants

One trend at the forefront of interior design for the year ahead is the use of bold, large plants. Rubber trees, or dragon trees along with any kind of palm make interesting focal points in your home.

You can use them to highlight an object or feature by placing one on either side of it. Or it makes an eye-catching statement piece in a corner to brighten up some unused space.

2. Painted Ceilings

In 2020, trends will see people utilizing that 5th wall that we all forget about – the ceiling. It’ll give rooms a warmer, more intimate feel.

Make sure you follow the 10-30-60 color rule when following this trend. You can continue the base color of choice on the ceiling (the 60% element). Or you can make a statement by using your accent color (the 10% element).

3. Black Kitchens

In 2020, you should expect darker cabinetry to make its appearance as the frontrunner. Black kitchens are all the rage.

They break that clean, minimalist feel of all white and create a rich, opulent, sleek and modern feel. Sprucing up your cabinets’ paint job is an easy, cost-effective way to increase your house value.

4. Bold Colors

We’ve already seen a shift towards bold colors, but next year expect this trend to explode. Shades like deep red, burnt orange, and navy blue add some real interest to any room.

Make sure you use a balanced approach to using bold colors. Pair them up with calmer, more neutral shades like greys, whites, and beiges. Use bold color with restraint, only as an accent or to make a statement.

5. Back to Wallpaper

Statement wallpapers are making a comeback in 2020. For those not wanting to commit to bold paint colors, wallpaper is a great alternative.

But wallpaper has advanced from the simple days of floral patterns. Expect wallpaper trends next year to include detailed landscapes and bright geometric patterns.

6. Mission-style Details

Modern designs look great in photos, but in person, they can be clinical to live in. In 2020, the focus will be on adding warmth to these modern designs with mission-style details.

Patterned tiles, textured walls, and terra cotta paint colors are going to make a real splash. It’ll be all about adding character to those minimalistic, modern spaces.

7. Curves

One of the biggest trends coming in 2020 is the move away from boxed edges to curved, smooth edges. Expect to see items like soft chairs and curved coffee tables as the focus shifts to elegant comfort.

This trend sees a revival of similar styles from the ’70s and ’80s as people get bored with straight, clean cut edges. You can expect to see this apply to residential and commercial property design.

Popular Home Decor Trends to Get Excited About

So there you have it! These exciting, popular home decor trends will have you blazing the trail next year.

Think bold and make a statement with painting your ceilings and using pops of bright color. Bring in plants, the bigger the better, to bring the outdoors in.

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