10 Stunning Contemporary Chandelier Designs for Your Home

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Think chandelier and you likely imagine a grandiose light fitting in a large, imposing stately home, there primarily to shout of wealth and opulence.

That’s not the sort of chandelier we are looking at today, but instead a quite beautiful selection of contemporary chandelier designs, that will make a wonderful central focus point in any room.

1. Laurel Foundry Kaylin 7-Light Sputnik Chandelier

Stunning Contemporary Chandelier 1

This gloriously modern, space-age chandelier is a talking point if ever there was one. Its glass bowl design and architectural angled arms put it firmly in the 21st century, yet with a hint of 1960’s chic about it.

Available in black only or with gold fitments to the glass bowls, imagine this one in a large open-plan space or even in a smaller lounge or sitting room, and it fits perfectly.

2. Schuller Sphere 9-Light LED

Stunning Contemporary Chandelier 2

The spherical ball design is a popular one where contemporary chandeliers are concerned. This one adds to the concept by including different sizes among its 9-light arrangement.

The effect is one of a modern and other-worldly look, but suitable for any size of room thanks to its minimalist approach. At once stylish and also striking, this chandelier uses LED lights which are among the most efficient and cost-effective ways of lighting a room.

3. UMEI Circle Pendant Light

Stunning Contemporary Chandelier 3

If you are buying a light fitting to make a statement, few will have the impact this quite spectacular, original and rather wonderful contemporary chandelier does.

It’s completely of its era – which is right now – and is totally fresh. This contemporary chandelier is also LED lit, and provides a warm white ambient light that can be controlled wirelessly.

4. Clear Glass Sphere Chandelier

Stunning Contemporary Chandelier 4

There is something very special about this spherical chandelier, with its very pretty inverted bowl design adding a modern and stylish look to any room.

This one would look superb hanging low over a centrepiece table, or even in a small room where it can act as the central focal point. It is a very original and beautiful light fitting, and at a sensible price.

5. Edison Bulbs in Wrought Iron

Stunning Contemporary Chandelier 5

The beauty of the ‘Edison’ type bulb is not lost on interior designers, and this spectacular and effective chandelier design highlights the traditional incandescent bulb in a way that no other has attempted.

It’s wacky, stylish and quite strangely beautiful, with its black wrought iron frame lending it an industrial look that will work superbly in a minimalist room design.

6. Crystal Halo Chandelier

Stunning Contemporary Chandelier 6

Available in a variety of sizes – the one featured is 41” wide and looks quite sensational in place – this is a chandelier that will happily grace a large room, and hanging free in the centre will attract admiring comments from visitors every time.

The design is a mixture of the modern and the traditional – the shape and style providing the former, the crystal adornments the latter – and works superbly.

7. Modern Oval Crystal Chandelier

Stunning Contemporary Chandelier 7

Spectacular, magnificent and utterly stunning are words that spring to mind on first seeing this quite out of this world chandelier.

The modern design contrasting with the large, sparkling crystals, which drop from a gold surround, is something quite breath-taking – if this sort of design is to your taste.

You can have it in two sizes – one is 90cm in length, the other 110cm – and each will give your room something very special, something that will be difficult to replicate.

8. Black Industrial Edison Cage Chandelier

Stunning Contemporary Chandelier 8

For anyone with a space that is rugged, rustic or vaguely industrial – think New Your Loft style – this amazing modern chandelier is the perfect choice.

A wealth of matt black metal and a clever cage design surround Edison-type lightbulbs for that perfect mix of new and old, and it works. This would also look good in a café, restaurant or bar looking for that industrial style.

9. Greany 3-Light Globe Chandelier

Stunning Contemporary Chandelier 9

We like this one, with its three small lights in a simple yet very effective network of interlocking circles, for its combination of contemporary and industrial themes.

It is designed to hang low in the room, thus giving an effect of light and space at the same time, and is very stylish lit or unlit.

Simple yet also complex, it’s one for a smaller room that needs a finishing touch.

10. Cana 7-Light Drum Chandelier

Stunning Contemporary Chandelier 10

Our final selection is this article is a simple yet very effective drum-shaped chandelier, which has a vaguely 1970’s look yet is suitably modern in style.

This one would look at home in a traditional room or a more clean and fresh minimalist setting, so versatile and simple is the overall design. It’s available in a handful of interesting colours, so you can find the one that suits your décor.

Our 10 contemporary chandeliers prove that this sort of central light fitting really can provide the detail finish that your room – any room – requires, and we hope we have inspired you to look further for your ideal chandelier.

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