10 Inspiring Coffee Table Styling Concepts and Ideas

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Your coffee table will often be used as a focal point in your living room. That’s why it is so important to choose a style and finish that will deliver style and functionality in equal measure.

A good example of how to make a stylish statement would be to use a stunning white coffee table that everyone’s eye will be drawn to when they walk into the room.

If you are wondering what shape and color coffee table to choose, and how to style it, here are some tips to help you make a great impact in your living room.

Keep it simple

Before considering how to style your coffee table it might be worth bearing in mind that the coffee table itself can be the most impactful thing.

If you choose to have a really fancy coffee table that is a statement piece, it might distract from that if you have too much on the surface.

Curves for comfort

A curved coffee table tends to make a space feel cozy and comfortable. It also encourages sociability because it doesn’t create barriers between guests.

If you want a relaxed and comfortable seating plan, think about a curved coffee table.

A coffee table can offer two solutions

If you are a bit squeezed for space, you could use a neat design trick by allowing it to double up as a footstool.

A coffee table can be stylish and practical.

A good way to deal with the clutter

When you are searching for the right coffee table think about what you want it to do for you.

The right coffee table will provide useful storage underneath and minimalist styling on top.

Height matters when choosing your coffee table

If you have low ceilings, for instance, it would be a good idea to choose a coffee table that has been designed to be deliberately low and sleek.

Consider the height and proportions of the room so that you can choose a coffee table to fit in perfectly.

It’s all about scale

Regardless of whether you go for a bold color scheme or prefer a minimalist white vibe it is important that you get the scale and proportion of your coffee table and dressings right.

Scale is always a key consideration when it comes to interior design.

Coordinate your coffee table with the surroundings

If you are looking for your coffee table to blend into the surroundings rather than stand out you need to coordinate it with textiles and tones that are being used in the room.

A neat design trick that your coffee table can achieve

If you want to introduce an accent color into the surroundings your coffee table can help you achieve that aim.

Using a piece of furniture like your coffee table for accent color works well, especially when you have a neutral background.

A platform for a bold statement piece

If you have a vase, for instance, that is a real statement piece because of its size or color, you can use your coffee table to provide the stage and show it off in the center of your room.

Fabrics and patterns are an option

Another option to consider with your coffee table is to introduce a fabric or pattern into the design.

A buttoned-top fabric surface will soften the look if that’s what you want.

Your choice of coffee table can be crucial to how well the design of your room manages to come together. One of these options will almost certainly prove to be perfect for your living room design.

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