Cliff Edge: A Modern House with Peaceful and Healthy Environment on Unique Surroundings

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With the core idea of people engaging and living with the place, Architecture Saville Isaacs from Sydney, Australia creates an underlying principle to connect this house with its unique surroundings. Cliff Edge is a modern house with a peaceful and healthy environment created by the architect for the client. It is also about constructing a living place where everyday living is a joy.


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This house takes the light internally to enhance the house built form. This form is used to frame and capture the views then connect to the outside area emotionally. This house has a dramatic cliff-top relationship of the sea that connects to the open green spaces and as well as the imposing rocky mountainside.



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In order to create a peaceful and healthy environment for the clients, the architect constructs the place carefully to live where everyday living is considered as a joy. Each simple function of the house is connecting to the surrounding nature which also can give a pause to reflect. ESD sustainable and principles, recycled, low-toxic and cost-effective materials are also used to achieve the house design.

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The overall design and layout of Cliff Edge are suitable and practical, made for the needs of the client without children. There is also a single car parking provided for the owners who often using the nearby railway for commuting to the city area. The architect adds more details too based on the client want for their everyday life.



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Using cost-effective, common, locally produced materials, the architect can design this house in innovative ways with the material raw beauty to provide a sense of luxury. Those materials are also selected carefully to ensure a minimal impact on the environment. The standard components of the materials are chosen to minimize the cost and energy.

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The floor and wall are coated with compressed fiber cement. The recycled timbers are used together with plantation timbers externally. The ceilings, roof, walls, and floors are insulated heavily. Some low emission finishes are selected such as wax seal to timbers, paints, low emission glues, and employed for joinery.


Cliff Edge

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