6 Reasons Why You Need to Add a Room to Your Home This Summer

Summer Room

Deciding to add a room is one of the top three ways you can increase the value of your home. It’s so popular that when surveyed, 58% of homeowners said that they would definitely undergo a home renovation in the next 12 months.

Whether you are looking to increase your home’s value or just running out of space, a home addition can be the answer. More space and value aren’t the only benefits, though.

Keep reading for all of the ways you and your family will benefit from adding an addition to your home.

  1. Create Some Space 

The main reason most people consider a room addition is because they have run out of space in their current home. Maybe your family has grown bigger than you planned when you bought the house. Or perhaps you want to start a business and need extra space to run it out of your home.

Did you buy an older home that only has one or two bathrooms? A room addition can be anything you want, even another bathroom. This will ease the tension over who gets the bathroom first in the morning.

You could turn that extra space into a bedroom or full guest suite. This is perfect if your parents are older and you want them to come live with you.

  1. Be Kind to Your Budget 

Of all these benefits of adding a room, your budget is probably the most influential. With a little math, you will quickly see that it is more affordable to build an addition than buying.

Before you write off an addition as too expensive, calculate the actual cost of buying a new home. First, you need to calculate the total cost of purchasing a home.

In today’s San Diego market, you can expect to pay $575,000 to $675,000 for a new home. That averages out to about $471 per square foot.

Compare that to room addition costs that average $260 per square foot. This means you pay almost double for the square footage when you buy a whole new house compared to adding to your current home.

  1. Increase Your Home’s Value 

By increasing the overall square footage of your home, you ultimately improve the total value of your home. But this is just on paper. You also increase the value of the house to potential buyers.

If you build an additional bathroom, you make the home more desirable than other historic homes in the neighborhood who lack that extra bathroom. If you add on to the kitchen, you make your home more valuable to buyers who love to cook.

An additional room can be a versatile addition that allows potential buyers to get creative. They can turn the extra room, into whatever they want: a nursery, guest room, office, rec room, or even storage.

Curb Appeal

If done correctly, your addition can also increase the curb appeal of your home. This applies to additions that are done to the front of the house. Improving on the curb appeal of your home can mean an additional 3-5% to your home value.

Once the addition is complete, hire a professional landscaper to come in and complete your home’s curb appeal makeover.

  1. More Options for Your Space 

When you moved into your home, you had limited space, so you got creative figuring out how to fit your life into your home. You will find that you have a lot more space once your addition is completed.

If you increase the size of your kitchen, you will find that more items fit in it. This may mean you can clean out other closets as you move your belongings into the kitchen.

If you add on to your master bedroom, you could end up moving the bed and dresser around to have a new layout and more space. Or maybe you will add on to the living room and give yourself the ability to buy a larger couch.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your new space and change up your interior design as a part of the process.

  1. Fix Your Floorplan 

Have you ever walked into a home and wondered what the heck they were thinking when they built it? Maybe you have to walk through a bathroom to get to the kitchen. Or perhaps the kitchen and dining room are on opposite ends of the house.

Whatever the weird quirk of your home is, you can use a room addition to help address the odd layout of your floorplan. Here are some common floorplan mistakes

  • Ignoring digital traffic flow
  • No bathroom privacy
  • Overlooking home to sun orientation
  • Concealed front doors
  • No entryway for the front door
  • Isolated kitchens
  1. Bring in the Light 

When you add on a home addition, you can think about adding more windows, which brings more light into your home. Adding onto your living room and kitchen, which are typically centrally located, means a chance to increase the light that reaches deep into your home.

Think about the orientation of your home and where the sun is throughout the day. Then focus your windows on the side of the house that will bring in the most amount of light.

Add a Room to Your Home Today 

If you feel as though your current home lacks the space your family needs, it may be time to consider an addition. You’ll find that when you add a room, you get a multitude of benefits without the hard punch to your wallet.

Get inspired for your home addition with these beautiful homes.

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