Should I Buy a House With a Septic System?

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Most people don’t think twice about the type of waste system that their house is connected to. However, when you’re looking to purchase a new house you may suddenly be faced with a choice between one that is connected to the main sewers and one that has a septic system.

Both are valid options and shouldn’t put you off purchasing a home. However, you should know what you’re getting.

What Is A Septic System

Most houses in towns and cities are connected to mains sewers. In essence, the waste pipes from each appliance in your house connect together, this then connects to the main sewer. All wastewater and products from your house go down these pipes and to the treatment plant. The waste is then treated before being released into the water cycle.

However, rural houses may not be connected to the main sewer system. It is simply too costly to run miles of pipes for one house.

These homes opt for septic tanks instead. The waste from your appliances still combines together to leave your home. However, the waste pipe goes to a large tank. Solid waste sinks to the bottom where bacteria eat it. The liquid stays near the top and is sent through the other half of the tank, going through a filtration process. This cleans the water allowing it to exit the tank into another filtration system or straight onto the land. This water is clean and safe for the land.

Considerations When Purchasing A House With A Septic System

If you’re considering a home with its own septic system then you need to start with a pipe inspection camera. It’s essential that you know the condition of your pipes and the system. Replacing these systems can cost thousands of dollars. That’s not an expense you want just after moving in.

Alongside the cost of replacing a survey and pipe inspection will highlight any smaller issues. These will need to be repaired and you’ll have to allow for this.

But, by doing the inspections before you purchase the house you’ll be able to factor this into your price negotiations.

It’s also worth noting that the septic system will need to be emptied periodically. There are guidelines that need to be confirmed for your area, but in general, it will need doing every couple of years.

The cost of draining the tank is surprisingly small. But, it emphasizes the main issue with septic systems. They are not as convenient as the main sewer system.

With the main sewer, you only have to think about what goes down the drain, the rest is taken care of for you. When you have a septic tank you need to check it occasionally and ensure the maintenance is done when required, this ensures you don’t encounter issues inside your home.

The simple answer is you can still buy your home with a septic system. You just need to be aware of potential complications and do your homework before you commit to buy.

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