9 Stunning Southern Home Design Trends

Southern homes are famous for their architecture. The mere mention of them conjures images of towering white columns, oaks dripping with Spanish moss, and wrap-around porches with Southern women in rocking chairs clutching sweaty glasses of sweet tea.

But what’s going on inside of them?

Interior design is just as important for Southerners as it is for homeowners throughout the United States. Just like their exterior architecture, Southern homes have their own distinct style.

Intrigued? Read on to learn more about southern home design trends.

  1. Toe Kick Design

What’s the toe kick? The toe kick is the space below the cabinets that meet the floor in the kitchen. It’s there to make food prep at the counter more comfortable.

Most toe kicks are ignored. You’ve probably never thought about yours. Homeowners and interior designers usually leave it the same color and material of the cabinets under which it sits.

But southern homeowners are shaking up the interior design game by making the toe kick a complimentary color or extending the floor tiles up the toe kick. The result transforms the look of your kitchen in an amazing way!

  1. Indoor Greenery

Houseplants are making a major comeback in Southern homes. But these aren’t your grandmother’s houseplants!

Plants like the fiddle-leaf fig the split-leaf philodendron are in high demand. Also popular are collections of succulents, windowsill herb gardens, and fairy gardens.

Greenery is great for filling empty spaces and does double duty as an indoor air purifier.

Fresh cut flowers are also hugely popular in Southern homes. From fresh bouquets of roses, to peonies, to camellias, floral arrangements are a beautiful and romantic addition to any Southern home.

  1. Open Floor Plans

Okay, open floor plans are popular everywhere, and Southern homes are no exception.

Open floor plans are great for many reasons. First, they make the home feel much more spacious because they don’t have walls closing off spaces and taking up valuable square footage.

Second, they are great for entertaining. Hosts can prepare food and drinks and the kitchen without sacrificing face time with their guests. They also make the kitchen a key feature of the home.

Lastly, they allow parents to easily keep an eye on their kids. Busy parents know that open floor plans are a godsend!

  1. Florida Coastal Style

From Miami to Tallahassee, coastal Florida homes are the inspiration for a distinct style of beach home decor. It even has its own internal variations!

First is the standard Florida coastal style. This is characterized by white walls, white kitchens, and light hardwood floors. Furniture and other beach-inspired design elements are typically varying shades of teal.

Then there’s Florida resort style. This is essentially the home decor equivalent of a Lilly Pulitzer dress. Lots of white walls, but the pops of color are much more frequent and vibrant. Rattan and wicker furniture add a casual beachy vibe.

The best part about Florida coastal style is that it’s in Florida! Don’t want to make believe you live on the Florida coast and want to move somewhere like Tallahassee? Don’t wait to make your coastal dreams a reality! Contact a realtor to learn more about Florida real estate.

  1. Monogrammed Linens

Go to any Southern college town and you’ll find that monograms are absolutely ubiquitous. They’re everywhere from cars to Yeti tumblers.

What happens when Southern sorority girls grow up? They find new things to monogram! Monogrammed linens are a great personal touch to a home. Southern-style monograms are typically circular, with the initial of the last name in the middle, and the initials of the first and middle name in smaller font on either side of the last name initial.

  1. Vibrant Curb Appeal

Southerners don’t just love vibrant colors on the inside of their homes! They love them on the outside, too.

Front doors and shutters painted a vibrant color enhance curb appeal and brighten up the appearance of a home. Feeling inspired? Try a bright blue, pink, or yellow on the outside of your home.

  1. Quartz

Granite is out in Southern homes. Quartz countertops are incredibly popular and are likely here to stay.

Quartz countertops come in many different colors and can be finished and styled to your taste. A quartz countertop in a neutral color is extremely versatile, and it can survive many different kitchen styles.

Bonus feature: quartz is stain and scratch resistant. Unlike granite, it’s non-porous and anti-microbial, so you don’t have to worry about bacteria setting in and making your family sick. On top of all that, it’s also low maintenance.

  1. Farmhouse

We’re not talking about the red barn farmhouse. Southerners love farmhouse chic decor.

The walls and decor are light and bright but have a weathered look to them. These homes are typically decorated with refinished antique furniture (or at least furniture that was made to appear antique).

Look for mix and match furniture — matching sets are a no-no. Nothing goes together, but it doesn’t clash, either.

Design elements include lots of reclaimed wood. If you’re feeling adventurous, try creating a feature wall out of reclaimed wood — perhaps in a herringbone pattern? If you have a vaulted ceiling, try adding reclaimed wood to your wood beams.

  1. Light and Bright Neutrals

If there’s one thing that’s consistent in all Southern homes, it’s that they are all light and bright! Most kitchens have white cupboards, light countertops, and light floors. There’s not a speck of cherry wood anywhere. Well, unless you’re in your grandpa’s law office, that is.

Decor and furniture are usually a light neutral, pastel, teal, or vibrant color.

If it’s not light and bright, it’s not Southern.

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From farmhouse chic to Florida coastal, Southern home design trends blend the traditional with modern in beautiful ways. Everything is light and bright with vibrant pops of color throughout. Southern home decor styles were created for homes in warm climates but will bring warmth to homes in the even the coldest of climates.

Interested in learning more about home design? Check out our collections for everything you need to know!

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