Stair Squares: An Interactive Public Installation as A Seating on the Stairs

Stair Squares 6

Inspired by the stairs used as a seating, Stair Squares comes as an interactive public installation for the New York people. Mark Reigelman designed this awesome installation after doing a lot of documentation, especially at the Brooklyn Borough Hall. The final result makes Stair Squares become a popular object for the people around that hall.


Stair Squares 11

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Mark is inspired by a lot of people that use the stairs of Brooklyn Borough Hall as a seating area once they want to enjoy the view for a while. The documentation and observation of the people, Stair Squares finally come to be the step unique facilities.



Stair Squares 9

Stair Squares 8

The quality of Stair Squares is made by considering how the people gonna use it in the busy city like New York. These facilities can be used as a chair and also a small table to put a bag or snacks while the people talk to each other just like in a cafe.



Stair Squares 7

Stair Squares 6

Stair Squares 5

The development concept of Stair Squares comes from the daily accompanied and congregation activities. Those things become the main foundation to make it. Stair Squares can provide a good place to help people enjoy their hot dog or reading their favorite books as a table.



Stair Squares 4

Stair Squares 3

The interaction of Stair Squares with the people can be seen clearly during the day. When night comes, the steps become an interesting object to be seen with the color highlights. It will remind everyone about using it the next day.



Stair Squares 2

Stair Squares 1

The design of Stair Squares is very simple with a specific style on its color and dimensions. This furniture is made and installed by applying fine art aspects, so it will not only become a table but also an art for all people who see it.

Via markreigelman

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