Bloomfield: Modern House with Fairly Closed Front Elevation

Bloomfield 10

Bloomfield is a unique and modern house. This house is designed FGR Architect with its fairly closed front elevation. The use of glass materials on the house wall makes it able to get a wonderful view from the garden. The main important focus design of Bloomfield is its north-facing rear garden, an awesome outdoor place together with the outdoor terrace.


Bloomfield 10

Bloomfield 8

Bloomfield 12

The front elevation of Bloomfield is designed fairly close. This elevation design makes the house looks higher than it seems. The concrete materials are used to build the house, including the outdoor wall. There is an open garden right behind the house.


Living Room

Bloomfield 6

Bloomfield 7

The living room area is full of natural sunlight that comes through the large glass walls. The interior feels warm with the grey rug on its floor. The furniture like sofas also come with the same color as the rug but it is brighter. There is a modern fireplace with the wood storage right next to it.



Bloomfield 3

Bloomfield 5

The interior of Bloomfield is very simple. The architect plays with some simple colors like gray, black, and white. The wood exposed can be seen rightly once you look up. The upper floor is designed with an elegant glass wall, makes it visible to be seen well.




Bloomfield 9

The kitchen is a combination of wood with the pure white of kitchen island. The big storage and the kitchen cabinet are beautiful with a color of the wood. The kitchen island is completed with three black stools and a small storage to put books and cups.


Glass Wall

Bloomfield 2

The upper floor of Bloomfield looks great with the large glass wall. This wall is combined with the wooden wall and ceiling. You can also see some beautiful arts on the wall and walk around to capture the beautiful views outside the house through the glass wall.



Bloomfield 1

Bloomfield 4

The office area has a wall-mounted desk with some wooden shelves above it. This desk area can be used for two working people. The small bed comes in grey color, a warm color to refresh the mind after working in this house office.



Bloomfield 11

The bedroom is designed in grey color on its bed, floor with a grey rug, and even the chair and the big curtains. The curtains are not thick at all, it allows the sunlight to come to the bedroom softly in the afternoon.

Via fgrarchitects

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