Children’s Library Discovery Center: Interactive and Contemporary Library for Learning Experience

Children’s Library Discovery Center 5

CLDC or Children’s Library Discovery Center is the additional floors in the Queens Central Library. This library is a home for the kid’s collection and a space for the interactive science exhibits. It offers a hands-on and engaging learning experience for all visitors. Children’s Library Discovery Center is an interactive and contemporary library with a purpose to create the best learning experience.

LEED Gold Certified

Children’s Library Discovery Center 1

Children’s Library Discovery Center has a LEED-Gold-Certified. It features some sustainability measures. especially for the library interiors. The interior becomes an awesome space with the high-performance insulated glazing, ample daylighting, and also radiant floor heating.


Reading Nooks

Children’s Library Discovery Center 2

The quiet reading nooks are designed together with informal social spaces. Those spaces are incorporated into the wall of the library building. It increases the connection between the context design and the building itself.



Children’s Library Discovery Center 3

This contemporary library is located in Queens, New York. From 2011 to 2015, Children’s Library Discovery Center gots some different awards for its awesome architecture, construction, and also design. One thing that makes this library feels special is its cohesive and rich user experience result.

Children’s Library Discovery Center 4

Inside the library, some spaces are united becomes one large area which is comfortable for all visitors. The spaces are media stations, an independent reading space, lounge areas, and also collaboration zones. They are arranged in one open plan.


Glass Facade

Children’s Library Discovery Center 5

The library construction is a combination of modern and contemporary architecture. The building wall is decorated with glass facades. The glass shows the beautiful view of the library interior for the people on the street which is so inviting.

Children’s Library Discovery Center 6

The glass facade of Children’s Library Discovery Center is designed in a contemporary style. It offers an awesome building’s visibility for the community. It also creates a good dialogue with the street outside the library. The library becomes a cultural and vibrant social destination for the people.

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