E3 Civic High: A Project-Based Educational Environment in A Library

E3 Civic High 2

E3 Civic High is located inside a public library in San Diego. It is a project-based educational environment with LEED Gold certified. The project is completed in 2013 with 70.000 square foot in large. E3 Civic High is a winner of AIA CAE and CASH/AIACC award with the first prize. The E3 itself stands for Engage, Educate, and Empower according to its educational environment design style.

Transparent Design

E3 Civic High 1

E3 Civic High is designed with a unique setting and transparent design inside the library. The area is made based on the infrastructure of the library to give a team-based learning opportunity with the support of the complete facilities.

Central Staircase

E3 Civic High 7

The central staircase inside E3 Civic High is kind of a wooden staircase with the metal handle and the clear glass around it. This awesome stair is connecting the one area to another area based on the educational need.


E3 Civic High 2

The interior of E3 Civic High allows the student to have a learning time in a team. The modular furniture with the wall design will make them feels more comfortable to discuss anything which is related to their educational activities.

Interactive Wall

E3 Civic High 3

With the interactive wall, the students can use the whiteboard surfaces to write and display their project easily. They just need to sit and share their own ideas. This centrally-located gallery lined also designs with a colorful color to create an interactive interior.

The Park

E3 Civic High 4

There is also a space called the Park. This space has a living room design setting with cozy furniture and lighting which can be controlled. The students allow sharing their work just like in their own living room at home comfortably.

E3 Civic High 5

With the complete tables and chairs inside E3 Civic High, LPA as the architect want to make sure that this place can be used for all students. The tables come in long white shape with the colorful chairs too to sit on.

Design Process

E3 Civic High 6

LPA is not only used their own idea to built E3 Civic High. The design process of this educational project engaged the educational community in the city. Through some workshops and charettes, LPA tries to promote the school’s partnership and the urban culture with the library foundation in an education connection.

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