Teabank Shenzhen: A Tea House with Pentagonal Pattern

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There is an interesting pentagonal building in Shenzhen, China called Teabank Shenzhen. This building is a tea house with full of pentagonal patterns. The total area of this tea house is 1980 sqm and it was completed in July 2015. The whole of interior design ideas come from Crossboundaries and helped by the best team. Once you get into this tea house, you will feel an awesome simulation of the tea fields journey.


Winding Stars

Teabank Shenzhen 1

The winding stairs are one of the interesting things from Teabank interior. With the geometric pentagon designs, the stairs will take you the second floor. The combination of the pentagon shape and the clear glass on the stairs will continue your best journey in the tea fields.

Long Bar

Teabank Shenzhen 2

The first floor is designed with a long bar, both indoor and outdoor seating, and also the mezzanine design. The bar and the seating area are decorated with the wooden elements, especially for the tables and the seating floor. The clear glass wall will give everyone the best view of the outside.

Open Library

Teabank Shenzhen 3

Another cool thing about Teabank is its open library which is comfortable and cozy. The library is located on the second floor of the building. There are many seating and the best spot for reading and also social interactions with others.

Ceiling Pentagon Light Boxes

Teabank Shenzhen 4

The pentagonal pattern also can be found on the ceiling inside Teabank. The ceiling is decorated with pentagon light boxes in white color. The white color itself makes the light boxes can be seen clearly with the dark background of the ceiling. The green floor adds the best experience in the tea fields.

Clear Glass

Teabank Shenzhen 5

The interior designer together with the team is not only creating a space with its unique pentagonal pattern but also making an awesome house with the clear glass as the modern accent. The clear glass can be found along the stairs.

Wood Surfaces

Teabank Shenzhen 6

The wood surfaces of the Teabank interior makes the interior design looks soft. It makes the geometric pentagonal pattern strong too. These wood elements are shown a lot on the cafe interior, especially the cabinet and the furniture.

Pentagonal Stairs

Teabank Shenzhen 7

Teabank has two floors with its awesome pentagonal stairs which are connecting the first floor with the second floor. The pentagonal design is quite simple for the stairs and it is also completed with the clear glass wall to make a modern accent inside the tea house.

Teabank Shenzhen 8

The pentagonal stairs structure is kind of unique. With some wooden surfaces around the first and the second floor, the stairs fit well for both first and second-floor interior. The pentagonal stairs also become a symbol of a winding way through the tea fields.

Via crossboundaries

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