Villa Olivia Unije House: A House with Unique Architecture

Villa Olivia Unije House 4

This three-story house is built in 1925 with a local style based on Austro-Hungarian building regulations. The complete modernization and renovation in 1998 until 2000 are continued with the garden construction until 2006. From the beginning, in Villa Olivia, Unije House no 2 already gets a lot of attention from an architect and professor named Pekka Salminen. He said that he wanted to preserve the original detail of this house and protected it.


Stone Walls

Villa Olivia Unije House 4

Unije house has an original solid stone on some walls with the traditional limewash complete with the new plastering. The frame of the windows is also original with some new window shutters. You can still feel the local architecture from 1925 through those things on this house.


Original Unije Furniture

Villa Olivia Unije House 5

The whole interior of this house has been renovated with a modern Finnish and Italian design. The furniture is still original from Unije furniture. You can see the Tuscan Impruneta terracotta floor on the ground floor and the area of the sauna.


House Interior

Villa Olivia Unije House 6

The living room of Unije house is large and it extends to the outdoors through the terrace. There is a large dining loggia too with the outdoor kitchen and the original solid stone on the fireplace. The washing area and sauna are located on the first floor of the house.


Five Terraces

Villa Olivia Unije House 2

Right in front of the house, there are five terraces with some several levels. Those terraces are paved with the Tuscan Impruneta terracotta tiles and Istrian stone. There are also seating areas and a shelter from the sun with a beautiful view. The new construction of the house includes the wine cellar with the Istarska Konoba utility building too.


Large Garden

Villa Olivia Unije House 3

This house has nine olive trees with over 100 years old in age. The garden is also decorated with citrus trees, Mediterranean herbs, and evergreens. The large garden is surrounded by 1.5 to 2 m of a stone wall. The whole garden wall and design are rebuilt with the original stone.


Istrian Limestone

Villa Olivia Unije House 1

The Istrian limestone is not only used for the wall of the Unije house but also the door and window frames. The architect continues to add more the best limestone from Istrian to complete the whole house design. This limestone becomes one of an important identity for the Unije house no 2.

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