Wuxi Grand Theatre: Newest Landmark Building in Wuxi, China

Wuxi Grand Theatre 14

You need to go to this awesome theatre if you go to Wuxi, China. Wuxi Grand Theatre won the 1st prize of Invited International Competition in 2008 and it is located on a man-made peninsula of Wu-Li Lake, south of Wuxi center city. Office for the Important Urban Projects in Wuxi is the client and also the building developer of this theatre. The user is Wuxi Culture and Art Administration Center and the final gross area takes at least 77.252 m2 in large.

New Cultural Building

Wuxi Grand Theatre 1

As you can see, the architectural image from this awesome theatre can be seen from its eigh leaves or wings at the top part of the building. The leaves or wings create a cool impression of a beautiful butterfly near the Wu-Li Lake. Those things are designed with the terraced stone plinth.

Wide Variety of Functions

Wuxi Grand Theatre 8

Wuxi Grand Theatre 5

Wuxi Grand Theatre is not an ordinary theatre. There are some wide variety of functions from this building. The most interesting thing about the function is its 1680 seats of Grand Theatre for the ballet, the Chinese opera, and also symphony orchestral music. The main hall is called Comprehensive Performance Hall with 690 seats for the capacity.

Building Wings

Wuxi Grand Theatre 12

Wuxi Grand Theatre 13

PES-Architects want to show a huge design for this theatre with the wings. The result makes the building itself becomes one of an awesome work art in the city. The ecological function from the wings is the protection to protect the building mass from the sun heat.

Modern Interior with Stairs

Wuxi Grand Theatre 11

Wuxi Grand Theatre 6

The interior of this cool theatre is so modern. The glowing grey material on the wall, ceilings, and even the stairs make this building has a futuristic style. The building is also designed with a high ceiling, it creates a real feeling of a huge building feels so true.

Night Light

Wuxi Grand Theatre 2

Wuxi Grand Theatre 3

At night, the wings show the awesome night light from the whole part of the building roof. The light comes in warm blue and purple color. This night light also becomes one of the wonderful characteristics of Wuxi Grand Theatre that can be seen easily at night.

Wu-Li Lake

Wuxi Grand Theatre 4

The Wu-Li Lake near the Wuxi Grand Theatre is another natural area for the theatre landscape. The combination between an architectural building of theater and the lake are just perfect. The view around the lake is still original too, even with the fishing activity.

Wood Element

Wuxi Grand Theatre 10

The modern interior of Wuxi Grand Theatre is also designed with the wood element too in some parts of the theatre interior. Once you enter this awesome theatre, you can see the perfect mixture of the clear glass material, the wood element, and also the marble floor inside the building.

Stone Plinth

Wuxi Grand Theatre 14

PES-Architects is designed Wuxi Grand Theatre with a stone plinth. The purpose is to get a full advantage of the lakeside location. The stone plinth can be found at the main entrance and also the public space of the building. At the top part of the stone plinth, there are two stone auditoriums for entrancing the lobby with the Wu-Li Lake open views.

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